These pages are meant to serve as an expanded list of various rules found within the !motd.
It's paramount to understand that it is nearly impossible to make a statement for every rule in existence. It's also restrictive on roleplay, so use your common sense in many situations.

At the end of the day, LISTEN TO STAFF! Please use common sense, if something doesn't seem logically correct, then it probably isn't!

Here is a brief version of the lore we use at SBS Hogwarts:
Harry and his friends are just entering into their sixth year at Hogwarts. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the school is everything but normal. Lord Voldemort currently resides within the Forbidden Forest and has succeeded in murdering essential teachers, as well as a plethora of students. In response, Headmaster Dumbledore has received assistance from the Ministry in the form of specially trained Aurors that are tasked to protect the school from the evil that lurks outside of Hogwarts' walls. Although evil brews close to the gates, the school continues as normal opting to ignore the threat of the Dark Lord and his followers.

Main Server Rules
  • 1.) No Fail Roleplay (FailRP)
    • Do not take part in any action that would immediately break the conventions of your roleplay job. Examples can be found within the job description.
    • NOTE: If you are extending your roleplay beyond normal circumstances, such as field trips or requesting a neutral into your class, request permission from a staff member using @ chat.
  • 2.) Disrespectful, hateful, and offensive behavior or speech towards others is not allowed
    • Users should not use slang, derogatory language, epithets, phrases or words that are considered attacks on or discriminatory to 'protected classes'.
    • Users should not participate in groups or make familes, guilds, or gangs with the sole purpose of attacking other users.
    • Users should not make repeated vexations or sexual comments which are known to be unwelcome to other users.
    • Users should not specifically target or harass another player with malicious intentions.
      NOTE: This list is not complete of all behaviors prohibited. If you have a doubt, contact a staff member for further directions.
  • 3.) No Random DeathMatch (RDM)
    • Do not attack your roleplay peers and do not attempt to kill anyone without a legitimate roleplay reason.
    • Students should never kill other students, teachers, Aurors, or OOTP intentionally. Accidents do happen or may be a result of crossfire, but avoid these at all costs.
    • Death Eaters, Voldemort, or other revealed Dark Forces are always Kill on Sight (KOS) for Light Forces (and vice versa).
  • 4.) Obey Staff and Roleplay leaders
    • You must obey the orders of your higher roleplay leaders as long as the orders do not incite you to break another rule.
    • Refer to job rules for further hierarchy inquiries.
  • 5.) No massive free spelling
    • Do not cast your spells without legitimate roleplay reason.
    • Casting non-damaging spells towards someone is not immediately considered free spelling. But if repeated actions occur while being asked to cease, then a staff member may be involved.
    • Damaging another player that you are not permitted to damage, as listed in rule 4, will be considered free spelling.
    • Certain jobs are given leeway to allow them to do their duties, such as Prefects may cast stupefy to catch another student.
  • 6.) No Metagaming
    • Do not use information gained through unconventional methods to enhance your roleplay scenario.
               Examples being:
               - Telling your friends in Teamspeak/Discord/etc. to save you from being kidnapped.
               - Using the job title floating above a player's head to call them out, such as Snatchers.
               - Using the tab player listing menu, notification popups, or death notice to track a player's movements.
               - Switching jobs to get out of a roleplay scenario.- Purposefully revealing yourself to murder individuals or to avoid being sent to detention.
               - Switching to a job in general for a roleplay advantage.
               - Using knowledge of job boundaries to assist you in fights or roleplay scenarios.
  • 7.) No Microphone/Chat spam
    • Do not make extremely loud sounds with your microphone or repeatedly broadcasting for an extended period of time.
    • Do not flood chat (OOC/@/etc.) with messages.
    • Do not use your microphone to: disrupt roleplay situations by spamming unnecessary phrases, such as my man; or play music, recorded, live, vocal, or instrumental. 
    • Staff members may give permission for a player to play music for an event or within the Room of Requirements--do not play music that contains lyrics that violate rule 2.
  • 8.) Owlpost is for significant roleplay purposes only
    • Only use Owlpost for legitimate roleplay scenarios.
        Examples of acceptable Owlpost:
         - Prefects/Professors calling Detention on Sight (DOS) for troublesome students.
         - Prefects stating Reason for Detention (RFD). [May be stated in OOC as well.
         - Teachers stating that Permission to Speak (PTS) is active in their classroom.
         - Teachers allowing students to temporarily leave their class (HALL PASS).
         - Dark Forces ransoming a kidnapped student.- Roleplay leaders calling for a meeting with their forces
         - Passive roleplay; you may only Owlpost your passive roleplay if you are on an acceptable job and not just to communicate globally in RP. 

        Examples being Gamemaker events, Auror patrols, and  others. Keep in mind to not clutter the chat.
        Examples of unacceptable Owlpost:
        - Typical DarkRP 'adverts' such as mug, kidnap, murder, etc.
        - Calling for a staff member (use @ chat).- "How do I do this?"
        - Party at Hagrid’s!- And more.

        Note: Do not use the chat coloring feature to mimic the yellow or green text of Owlpost or admin chat, respectively. Doing so will be considered loopholing and you can be punished.
  • 9.) No ERP (Erotic Roleplay)
    • Do not participate in erotic roleplay. This is the act of doing anything to elicit any kind of sexual activity, such as, but not limited to, blowjobs, rape, or inciting casual sex in the bedrooms.
    • Do not mention, hint, or gesture sexual topics on any medium within the server such as, but not limited to, all forms of chats, voice, or character movements.
    • Do not mention sexual topics, whether in roleplay or not these are still classified as ERP.
  • 10.) Do not avoid the AFK system or map exploit
    • Do not exploit around the set AFK system that kicks anyone who is attempting to grind for XP.
    • Do not attempt any actions that may be considered an abuse of a set system.
    • Do not attempt to clip or exploit outside of the set map boundaries. Bugs may be hidden and it may be an accident, but intentionally doing so or sharing is prohibited.

New Life Rule:

Similar to other roleplay servers, we utilize a system which we refer to as NLR. This system prevents players from returning to an area or roleplay situation in which you previously died, not by RDM*, for ~3 minutes or 200 seconds.*If you're confused about your death, ask a staff member.

Here are some basic rules about our NLR:
 1.) Accidental deaths such as crossfire, failing to cast Spongify/Apparation before hitting the ground, or being pushed off an area to your death still invoke NLR.
 2.) The size of the NLR area is not fixed and is relative to the situation, such as the Quidditch Pitch or a snatching in process.
 3.) Light/Dark Forces attacking the Quidditch Pitch will be prohibited from entering the area around the Quidditch Pitch and the pitch itself should they die for a valid reason.
 4.) If a teacher validly dies outside or in a classroom which they then have an active class in they are allowed to enter the classroom to begin/resume teaching.
 5.) You should not return to an RP situation should you die during it. For example, if you are following a snatcher then Lucius kills you, you may not use apparition to get ahead of the snatcher and try to kill him again, regardless if the snatcher moved areas.

Kill on Sight (KOS):
1.) If you are to witness a rogue revealing themself within the school boundaries, you may owlpost a KOS on said rogue.
2.) Once the rogue is under KOS, they may be killed by any light force member that sees them outside of the forest.
3.) A KOS lasts for 2 class periods OR until the rogue dies.
4.) You may post in OOC (to prevent OP clutter) if you are the rogue and have died, thus meaning your KOS is over. E.g. /OOC I have died, my KOS is over.