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  Josh ODonnel (New Post)
Posted by: Lloyd Blankfein - 12-06-2019, 01:52 PM - Forum: Staff & Player Reports - Replies (5)

Reposting what I posted last night, this time with the players Steam ID

(1) What is your in game name and Steam ID? - Lloyd Blankfein STEAM_0:0:41494371

(2) What is their name? - Josh ODonnel

(3) What is their Steam ID? - (STEAM_0:1:39539697) 

Steam ID is included in the second image on the IMGUR link

(4) What did they do wrong? - RDA, lie about RDA

(5) Evidence. (Must be provided) -

https://streamable.com/i9xhw Evidence starts about 1 minute and 10 seconds into the video
https://imgur.com/a/GlfhbyW Chat logs where he claims he gave me a warning and also inviting me to report him

While the RDA is annoying, I think it is really wrong that he lied about giving me a verbal warning (since there are no chat logs and he assumed I wasn't recording, he didn't think he could be proven wrong). He should have just owned up to it, especially since he was wrong about me free spelling the first time (he obviously didn't see). I hope this is noted so the next time he RDAs someone and claims he gave them a voice warning he isn't automatically trusted.

I'm not making this report so that he gets banned, but I think this should go on record because he's clearly not trustworthy as a prefect. So if this happens again, hopefully he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. Like I said, it's not the RDA that was so bad, it was the obviously lying about it in chat and the gloating.

If anything requires clarification, please let me know and I can answer in the comments.

PS: Josh, you're welcome for posting it like you asked :) I made this account just for you

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  Appealing to be unbanned.
Posted by: MR MARTIN - 12-06-2019, 10:42 AM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (5)

(1) In-game name:Rory Cory

(2) Your Steam ID: (If your alt account was banned, please list the STEAM ID of the alt)
Check here: https://steamid.xyz/76561198083619722

(3) Name of Admin/Staff who banned you: - Console

(4) Was it a Temp or Permanent Ban: (Please state how long if Temp) - Temporary

(5) Have you been banned on any SBS server before? If so, approximately how many times? - This is my first time.

(6) Have you been banned within the last week? no just under 2 weeks.

(7) Why were you banned in this instance? (Explain in Detail) Friends name was bad which was changed by his brother, the admin called him but he wasnt there to speak due to him walking his dogs. so he was banned so i said he could use my account to have fun instead resulting in both of us getting banned but i never had a bad name.

(8 ) Do you think you deserved the ban? - I mean its against the rules so yes.

(9) Why should you be unbanned? - I have been banned for 1 weeks and a bit now and i think ive learnt my lesson i just want to get back to learning my spells.

(10) Have you learned your lesson from this ban? - very much so.

(11) Provide a Screenshot of the message that appears when you try to join the server: [Image: 76a904a038e13bdb41fe94269d4b94d6.png]


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  [Community Wide] Small Notice | Errors Guide Updated
Posted by: The Guy - 12-06-2019, 05:26 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

As a lot of you may know and in the other most recent small announcement I posted specifically targeted towards Hogwarts RP, the recent Gmod update caused an intermittent issue where players aren't receiving the updated versions of addons/content packs. That announcement was here if you'd like to see more specific info. We quickly noticed this issue after updating the Buckbeak and Thestral models on the Hogwarts RP server, as we began to receive a lot of complaints about those two models being errors for players, even after following the steps on our content issue guide. This is what has been causing unfixable errors on all of our servers, and all Gmod servers alike for a long time, after addon/content updates are pushed through onto the servers. Again, as mentioned in my previous post, this has apparently been fixed in the coming game update, but only god knows when that will be. Meanwhile, I have found a solution, though still not perfect, is far better than having to entirely reinstall your Garry's Mod's, as that was previously the only known solution. This is the most convenient way to resolve this issue until Gmod is updated.

This solution can be found in the 'errors and missing content guide' on our forums, here. Specifically under option 2 in the "Hogwarts RP Content Issues Guide" spoiler. This solution will work for ALL of our servers, and all servers on Gmod alike. After updating the LFS addon on our Clone Wars RP server tonight, I had this issue and I could not see the new LFS models even after subscribing to the addon and deleting my cache folder. I realized this was likely going to be a problem for more people, so I then set out to find the solution above. Again, it's still not ideal, but it's far better than having to freshly install your Gmod, and is the best solution we have until the next Gmod update.

PS: This guide can be quickly accessed in-game as well by typing either !errors, !content, !addons, or !workshop. Not all of these commands work on all of our servers, but at least one of them will.

Star by Star;
- The Guy

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Posted by: Cauli Mcguffins-Enos - 12-05-2019, 11:38 PM - Forum: Staff & Player Reports - Replies (48)

(1) What is your name and SteamID? - Cauliflower Mcguffins-Enos STEAM_0:0:91973569

(2) What is their name? - Hazel C Wintertale

(3) What is their SteamID? - STEAM_0:0:57751877

(4) What did they do wrong? - False ban and lying in the ban message.

I was banned by Hazel for harassment of a player, harassment
in this case was me throwing aguamenti at a player once and saying they
had bacteria on their shoe. That in no way can be classed as harassment
of a player especially when the player I threw the spell at and I was talking to
was not the player that claimed harassment. Hazel also lied in the ban message
since it states harassment/targeting of another player after being asked to stop, at
no point was I ever asked by a player or a staff member to stop. Hazel never let 
anyone in the sit explain anything or provide proof against the claim at any point.

(5) What Rank are they? (Find this here) - Moderator

(6) Evidence. (Must be provided: BAN MESSAGES ARE NOT EVIDENCE) - 

Ban message:


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  I didn't do anything
Posted by: Ainsley - 12-05-2019, 11:01 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (17)

(1) What is your in-game name? - Ainsley Leaf

(2) What is your steam ID (including any banned alt accounts)? - STEAM_0:1:160577773

(3) What is the name of Admin/Staff who banned you? - @Hazel Curze-Wintertale

(4) How long were you banned for? - 2 days

(5) Have you been banned on any SBS server before? If so, approximately how many times? - I don't know the exact number but I have been banned multiple times. Also, I know I have a history of bans but in this situation, I did nothing that deserved a 2 day ban.

(6) Have you been banned within the last week? - No.

(7) Why were you banned in this instance? (Explain in Detail) - Ritchie, Gordon, and I changed our last names similar to "Sisca" as a joke and Allia was offended. When we got pulled, we changed it and they said it was okay and we got returned. 5 minutes later, we got pulled again for the name because it still had similarities and we changed it. 5 minutes later again, we got pulled to change it even though it wasn't even relatively close and we changed it to something different. So, our last names went something like this: Acsis - Snitchca - Ciscahr - Kiscahr. I am also assuming that every time we changed our names and the admins said it was fine, the only reason we were pulled right afterwards was because Allia got tilted again and thought we were still hArAsSiNg her.

After receiving my ban, I asked Hazel in discord what I got banned for and she said that I got banned for standing on Allia while she was a ghost and "telling them to cast aguamenti on your shoes knowing that you're standing on Allia." First off, I don't see what's wrong with standing on someone unless they're a dragon. Also, Allia wasn't even telling me to stop standing on her so I don't know why that was one of my reasons to be banned. Secondly, the aguamenti thing was completely misunderstood on Allia's and Hazel's part because I told them to cast aguamenti on my shoes because Ritchie had done a puking noise in game and I jokingly said that some got on my boots and I told them to aguamenti the puke off. That had nothing to do with Allia.

In conclusion, I was banned for changing my name to something similar to Sisca as a joke, standing on someone, and telling someone to cast water at me.

(8) Do you think you deserved the ban? - No. I don't even think I deserved a kick. Also, I would just like to point something out in my ban message. It says "Rule 2: Targetting/harassment on other players after told to stop." I was never told to stop. I don't even think Gordon or Ritchie was either. We never got warned and I know this because I record all of my gameplay and I watched back every single sit we were in and there was no warning ever mentioned. I would upload the video's but the video is about 1 hour long and I could not be bothered to edit all the clips together and upload it for something this petty.

(9) Why should you be unbanned? - I should be unbanned because I didn't do anything. 

(10) Have you learned your lesson from this ban? - Sure. This won't happen again.

(11) Provide a Screenshot of the message that appears when you try to join the server: - https://imgur.com/a/27rM2wC

Also, if you are wondering what evidence was provided to the admins, I am pretty sure it was just this video. I am not too sure if there were other videos because I have not gotten confirmation from Hazel yet because she is not responding to me. Anyways, here is the video and I am sure that you can tell I did nothing wrong. 

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  Prefect Law Fail Name
Posted by: Amanda Moongoose - 12-05-2019, 10:19 PM - Forum: Staff & Player Reports - Replies (4)

(1) What is your in game name and Steam ID? - Amanda Moongoose STEAM_0:0:235389540

(2) What is their name? - Esinem ShoeShiners

(3) What is their Steam ID? - STEAM_0:1:90528592

(4) What did they do wrong? - I let them know it was a fail name, they informed me "an admin allowed them to have the name" on a regular Gryffindor student. Thank you <3

(5) Evidence. (Must be provided) -

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  Staff Feedback Tabs
Posted by: Relyk Nightwood - 12-05-2019, 08:18 PM - Forum: Forum Suggestions - Replies (6)

(1) In-game name & Steam ID (can be obtained by the TAB menu in-game, or by using steamid.xyz)
Relyk Tosser Nightwood STEAM_0:0:241680306
(2)Your suggestion(s):
1. Add a Feedback under the severs. Make it to where the community can give feedback on the staff members that are on that server.

2. Put a Trial Tab under the Feedback Tabs too.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition:

1. In the staff meetings, they have a section on it where they give feedback to their fellow staff. I personally think that is a great idea and lets the staff know where they are doing good and where they need to improve. I feel that the community should be able to have a say in Feedback for the staff of the server. It would also give the Supers the chance to see what the community thinks of the staff Teams not just the staff.

2. While I was on my Trial I staffed regularly with all of 4 or 5 other staff and a few hours with others. This was mainly because half the staff team is on LOA/Low Activity. I failed my trial because they're not being enough staff in my timezone or they just were not on. I say that they should give the Trials 2 weeks then open up a Post on that Trial and for the 3rd week have the community put their feedback in for that Trial. I think that would do great because you would be involving the community in the staff choices instead of just other staff, the community deals with trials more then their fellow staff do.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added:

Honestly, the only negative I can see to this is just people hopping on the forum and saying in a reply "They are a shit mod" and giving no reason. Then again you can always make a format for it so that doesnt happen and if it does you can lock the thread.

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