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  Valentines Day at Hogwarts (good ol' courting)
Posted by: Rocnaw Banslayer - 02-14-2019, 11:20 PM - Forum: Roleplay - No Replies

Some good ol' fashioned courtship going on in the library:

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  Name Appeal
Posted by: Edgar Nova - 02-14-2019, 09:11 PM - Forum: Help & Feedback - Replies (9)

Hey uh so  I want to appeal the use of the title Saint in my name. Had it like that since i returned from my ban in early January and there was no issue until the bremergard event last weekend when I was asked to change it and did so. Reasoning for the change was to do with the church and their use of it to describe "holy" dead people. Truth is Saint can be used for many different circles and groups. Somebody can be a "Saint" of their cause without it being to the normal definition of the word. I only use the Saint title on ravenclaw horcrux which is a Allied Neutral so I just rolled with being a Saint of the Allied Neutral cause blah blah blah. Too much to explain on my phone . But yeah, @Michael Classicius. Name appeal for you

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  Event Hosting Suggestion
Posted by: Salt - 02-14-2019, 08:01 PM - Forum: Server Suggestions - No Replies

(1) In-game name & Steam ID: 

ARF SS Salt | STEAM_0:1:29741460

(2)Your suggestion: 

My suggestion is a core change within gamemaking; changing the current event system to, instead of multiple story lines, one giant linear one where events and the choices troopers make will matter. Just to expand on this, every event that is hosted by the gamemaker team will work in junction to the previous event. Expanding on the overall story of the server. To break it down, I feel that current events are always generic, sticking to a very basic theme. With this current system, most events don't really have much spice to them, or at least to a player that has played for so long. One way to have the overall story having more spicy moments are by creating a server based lore, so to speak, based round the events we do. Now, I do understand that there are campaigns that are virtually doing the same thing. They get tonnes of attraction, and why do you think that is? It's a story that they have decided to dedicate their time towards, since things are consistently going on during that campaign and the story is vital for the next. I know it seems very simple to think this could work, but I believe that it could definitely improve on the overall event system at the moment. With this system I'm suggestion, gamemakers could work together to tell the story at the same time. I understand that this is already in place, but this can further improve on the story telling as it is all down to a story that's fairly linear. Having this change in how events are played out could improve on the quality and content of the events drastically.

A issue I have noticed with the current event system would be the flaw in every gamemaker having their own story. I understand, people want to host their own shit. However, I feel that it'd be an improvement to have a linear story that all gamemakers are working on. This can not only improve the quality of the story being told in the events, including the combat, but also significantly help other gamemakers with less experience. How, you ask? Well, if more experienced gamemakers are working with less experienced gamemakers, I'm sure the less experienced gamemakers are to learn a thing or two.

For the pessimistic few, just bare in mind that this event telling system works very well. Look at the most, if not one of the most, successful games out there. Fortnite, where it literally has a story behind each season, where each story for each season works together to make a linear story. This is what I'm suggesting, a linear story on the server that is being played out. Having environmental changes to the map from the events could also drastically improve the immersion with the events too. For instance, let's say that the event is on geonosis; if there is a major event where something significant has crashed into the ground, then have that significant object crashed in some way. Or even if a massive failure in an event, have it so we lose that battle and then we have to recapture another point, where the gamemaker could then add certain attributes into the event. Like having a side mission to help capture the outpost or have another requirement to get to that point, like getting other resources. The examples could go on, but I am not going to be typing the multiple ways that an event could be done.

Regarding the argument of it limiting creativity, just look at the previous point I made. It shouldn't hinder creativity. If anything, creativity should strive since gamemakers would be working together to expand on the story. Having a discord to set everything up can be simple, have a text channel based on the story line, another for what should happen next and one where they voice their opinions on it. Having the gamemaker team work together can significantly enhance the creativity just based on having multiple people putting their opinions into that one idea. It's why game companies use multiple designs based round one idea, and have multiple people do those designs. Having the multiple perspectives on the situation can significantly improve the outcome of something.

As for those that may feel that this may be hard to manage. With this system being done within a Discord server, it could be extremely easy to manage. When I was in the staff discord, the activity there was fine. Gamemakers working together in that discord to expand on a linear story would significantly improve events in my opinion. It shouldn't be hard to manage at all.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 

Events, in my opinion, have become stale and are still extremely generic. Most gamemakers, especially new gamemakers, aren't aware of how most events have went down in the past. I understand that it's the basic case of ignorance of what has been done, but for players that have played a fair bit; it becomes stale just having the same generic ideas being done over and over again. With this implementation, it could help reduce this case of repetition on event ideas.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: 

One negative that could come from this is a clash of opinions. As many of you know, clash of opinions can result in "drama". If gamemakers clash with their opinions on how something does, then it could result in petty arguments. However, this could happen still with the current system. 

I can't think of any negatives at the moment. But I am curious if anybody else does have any other negatives that could be part of this suggestion. 

If you have anything you want to question about this suggestion, feel free to ask it in the comment section below and I will reply as soon as I can about it. Just don't repeat questions or keep a question going for too long. For example, when you ask a question, I'll answer. If you want it to be expanded on even more, then message me.

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Posted by: Jess Leviathan - 02-14-2019, 05:58 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (10)

(1) What is your in-game name? - 
Jess Leviathan
(2) What is your steam ID (including any banned alt accounts)? - STEAM_0:1:59507590
(3) What is the name of Admin/Staff who banned you? - 
Spencer Patel
(4) How long were you banned for? - 
100 years.
(5) Have you been banned on any SBS server before? If so, approximately how many times? - 
Yeah, ive had a few days worth of hours on this server.
(6) Have you been banned within the last week? - 
Yeah, this ban.
(7) Why were you banned in this instance? (Explain in Detail) - 
Mass RDA and hate speech.
(8) Do you think you deserved the ban? - 
Not exactly this long of a ban. Its still my responsibility yes, and you may naturally find this hard to believe because it's a bad excuse people use alot, but my friend just got back in town for a few days and wanted to check it out since he's saw me playing it a bunch, so I allowed him to give it a go. Either way its my fault.
(9) Why should you be unbanned? - 
First off, I didn't even know I was banned until a logged on today because my friend failed to tell me. I've earned a certain amount of respect from a lot of people on this server whenever it is that I play. I somehow always seem to manage to make new friends and I don't want to lose that chance.
(10) Have you learned your lesson from this ban? - 
Absolutely. I will not share my account with anyone anymore.
(11) Provide a Screenshot of the message that appears when you try to join the server: - 
                                                                                                           -   Jess Leviathan   Heart Heart

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  The Tren-yards
Posted by: Jacob Williams - 02-14-2019, 04:40 PM - Forum: Event Announcements - Replies (4)

Home Of all banished evil Witches and Wizards. 
The Trenyards have always been the destruction den for all who have been cast out.

TRENYARD is the Entrance to Azkaban. Due to the dark loneliness of the cold air you cant even see azkaban anymore. But to leave azkaban you just get past The Main Entrance Exit(The TrenYards)

DumbleDore and the Ministry have finally reached Tren-Yard and Plan to see if the Intel was true.
However they were all ready for The cast outs were ready for a fight and had a few magical tricks up their sleeves.

Its simple it will be on a new Map "Blizzard".
And When you get there it will be quite for a bit for exploration. Then it will be the school Vrs the Outlaws.

The Event will consist of :
Lord Theolonious @Ryte Lionheart  /me Butchers name
The Dark Voodoo Priest @Jacob Williams 
The Mad Doctor @Justin Aeternalis
The Dark Enchantress @Theadora Aeternalis-Dragon
And Voldemort <Slot Not filled yet> @Reggie Riptide maybe?

Each of these persons will have their own unique super spell including the Minister of Magic @GinaGovernatore if possible, to help balance the fight.
Headmaster @Saigyl who? Unique spell given.

Takes place wednesday Feb 20, @7pm 

Hope to see you there :)

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  2 week ban: Mishka Catwoods
Posted by: mishkacat - 02-14-2019, 04:07 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (22)

(1) What is your in-game name? - Mishka Catwoods

(2) What is your steam ID (including any banned alt accounts)? - STEAM_0:1:67767972

(3) What is the name of Admin/Staff who banned you? - Saigyl

(4) How long were you banned for? - 2 weeks

(5) Have you been banned on any SBS server before? If so, approximately how many times? - maybe once for 2 hours when i was a 2nd year 

(6) Have you been banned within the last week? - banned just now but thats it

(7) Why were you banned in this instance? (Explain in Detail) - I made my name Daphne Sixteen for 1.5 seconds and changed it back to my regular name. 

(8) Do you think you deserved the ban? - Probably but not a 2 weeks ban thats just ridiculous. Maybe a day ban. 

(9) Why should you be unbanned? - We excuse actual pedophilia on this server and if someone mentions it they get banned. Maybe its more important to deal with the source of this behavior. -snip- . He even went as far to rp marry her. However my name did not mention him at all yet seeing that he panicked and banned me for two weeks. Pedophilia should not be excused.-snip- I shouldnt be banned for 2 weeks for a name change that was not racist or homophobic. That is an abuse of power and is ridiculous. 

(10) Have you learned your lesson from this ban? - I know I could have been banned but not for such a lengthy sentence. So yes, I suppose. I dont minge ever and I am usually cooperative on the server. I wouldnt say this is constant behavior. 

(11) Provide a Screenshot of the message that appears when you try to join the server: - The ban is for 2 weeks and that it was for pedophilia accusations but I never called anyone a pedophile until this forums post. No where did I use the word pedophile in garrys mod.

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  Road To the Tren-Yards
Posted by: Jacob Williams - 02-14-2019, 04:04 PM - Forum: Event Announcements - No Replies

Has Dumbledore gone too far this time?

Dumbledore and the Ministry have received intel that wicked wizards and witches have made it past the Azkaban Corridors and into the Tren-Yard.
They Plan on working together to attack the school with the aid of Lord Voldemort Himself.
However to get to Tren-Yard you must pass through Bremergard on the the way.

The Death Eaters hear of this and decide to stop Dumbledore before he gets the Trenyard.

Dumbledore and the Ministry will escort all the students through the forest to get to TrenYard However They get attacked on the way.
You must fight to protect the students on your Journey.

They Event Takes Place 
Monday February 18 @ 7pm CST.

This will Not Require Super Spells. Simple avadas and Trolls will Do.

WIll need my Duo there of course :) See you soon.

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