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RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Cauliflower Mcguffins - 01-14-2020

You're very bias when it comes to your friends, you let
them do a lot that you put other people in detention for.

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Catalina Crestmane-Howl - 01-14-2020

I have been waiting for this day for a while....
hufflepuffPride  You are probably the most incredible prefect I have actually seen on the server, and yes, you all might be forgetting that there have been many staff and GMs who haven't used their mics and get by just fine! Gwendolyn is someone who is not only dedicated to Hufflepuff house, but when I met her the moment she joined the server, she began to tell me all about how she wanted to work her way to prefect to help people and keep the server running smoothly. I am unsure as to why people are claiming that she lets her friends get away with stuff, because I can assure you, that's not the case. The only person she had ever let get away with something was Azkaman and that was because he is always playing an unarrestable job. In fact, as someone who has decided to take a tiny bit of a break from SeriousRP and to have fun being silly instead, the amount of times she's either had to warn me, or chuck the detention stick on me is great. I actually think she's been the only prefect to successfully catch me and throw me in there while I've been silly. 

For you who have only seen Gwendolyn prefect, I want to tell you that she is in fact a great candidate who has been dedicated to making the server better for everyone since the first day she played. I am thankful that I have had the privilege to watch her grow both as a person, and as a role model in the SBS Hogwarts community. Good luck with your application gorgeous, I'll be with you all the way.  hufflepuffPride

+1  Heart Heart  

Let me also just state that she knows how to both RP, be silly yet do her job to the most incredible standards I have seen on the server. She is a triple threat.

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Darkstorm_Zero - 01-14-2020


Gwen is on all the time, and very good at what she does. Plus she's on a good amount of time at hours when staff are usually unavailable.

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Vri Fireslider - 01-14-2020

Honestly. I don't see how people can -1. I've seen you be a great prefect. You are easily the best prefect on the server. Unlike certain people I wont name. You do your job. You are a positive person, you are dedicated and you know your lore about HP. You rp unlike SOME people. We need more people like this wonderful lady. Though she doesn't speak through her mic (I can't see how people can hold this against her) This shouldn't be a deciding factor of her app. You are probably one of the few people (You know who you are) that were stopping me from leaving the server fully. (My Farewell for now Post) You are just an overall positive joy to the server, and as said above. You do your job, Don't let people bring you down because you do your job.

Final notes: The fact that you give people multiple (3) warnings before arresting them (In chat. Again her not using her mic shouldn't be what holds her app back) I can't see how anyone can say you don't do your job, or let your friends get away with stuff. That sounds bias tbh. Having rped with you, seen you prefect, and seen how you act on the server. You are honestly perfect for this job.

+1 give this girl the job.

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - -- - 01-14-2020

I have seen you around the server a lot prefecting and you're fantastic at it! you're also on very late and this is when more staff are needed +1

Good Luck!

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Evelyn Sinistra Salvia - 01-15-2020

Gwendolyn is a fantastic prefect who enforces the rules excellently. She has a positive outlook on the server and is a lovely person to have in the SBS community. I personally believe having a mic wouldn't effect how she moderates as she already prefects perfectly fine without one. Gwen would be a great staff member! +1 
Good luck, Gwen! I wish the best for you!

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Jim B Moongoose - 01-15-2020

I don't see not having a mic as an issue as there are current staff members that do the job just fine without using a mic, however it does make the job easier. That aside, Gwen is very active especially during prefect law hours and enforces the rules a lot, posting up player reports, putting people in detention etc... And I've noticed she helps out newer people where she can, answering questions in OOC and engaging in discussions in the SBS discord to help herself and others get a better understanding of specific things.

+1 From me 
Good luck with your application!

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Linvius Binns - 01-15-2020

+1. In my experience I've bumped into you more then any other prefect, very active with long hours I have noticed. Very clear with others with warnings and reasons for detentions with no hesitation shown. Would make a good moderator.

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Prof.Carlisle/Pavlov - 01-15-2020


The effort, talent and patience she has as well as dealing with situations speaks for itself, not much to say but that she's very qualified and suitable for the role.

Good luck and I hope you acquire the role, you deserve it!

RE: Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA) - Joe Rosa - 01-15-2020


I will be paying more attention to you on the server but I do agree with many others, you let some of your friends get away with stuff.