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Spawner Addition - Robin Odessa - 03-02-2020

After having played on the server for a while with the loveliest @Octavia Moongoose-Curze d'Aquitaine, @Etlenor✅, etc. I would like to put forward the suggestion that a Pillager spawner is added to the shop.

When heading over to the Monster Merchant, an assortment of different animals and creatures are available to purchase. The reason I feel as though this addition might be of benefit to the player-base is because it will not only amp up the competition and spirit among players, but it is also another way of earning money. If this addition was to be put in place, you could change what an emerald would sell for, to balance it out, but also, could have a significantly high price to be able to purchase a spawner of this kind to make up for it.

On every skyblock server I have played on, Pillager spawners have been available, and they are quite beneficial to those higher ranking players wishing to find a challenge.

RE: Spawner Addition - Etlenor - 03-02-2020

+1, I don't see anything wrong with it. It would have to be really expensive, as it generates emeralds, and those can be used to lvl up islands.