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RE: Jack Grayson-Sisca PL Report - Mike Donner - 08-01-2020

I was on when this was taking place, you can see me in chat in the first clip. I did pull both Jacks due to the constant DOS being set and removed and I spoke to them both about spamming DOS and more specifically Jack Grayson-Sisca about removing DOS set by the head boy/girl. Due to the extent of this along with what happened in the sit I asked that both players stayed away from each other as it was clear that nothing but arguments would come from communication between the two players. I appreciate the report but this evidence could have easily been sent into @ chat instead of a forum report, as it would have helped with the situation as it was being dealt with on the server. I will be accepting the report, as it has evidence that is in fact valid, and it gives a better idea of what led up to the sit that I held. However, please don't make a report when staff are on in the future.


RE: Jack Grayson-Sisca PL Report - Jack / Josh - 08-01-2020

I know the report has been accepted but I honestly don't understand why this report was made and posted on the forums. It was dealt with before you made the report and in the videos, you can see Mike typing in OOC so you knew he was on at the time. I kept removing my DOS because I was snatching and I had to use stupefy so it would be successful but it was apparently freespelling and it was me apparently provoking the Head Girl which wasn't true, I did report this in admin chat but it wasn't dealt with for a while. Either way, this was dealt with by Mike in a sit. I know what happened so everyone can +1 the report but no one's heard both sides of the story. Yeah, they might be video evidence but it was only of me removing my DOS's as they wasn't exactly valid.

That's all I've got to say, I thought I'd say my part. I could explain it further if anyone wants me to.

RE: Jack Grayson-Sisca PL Report - Lexa - 08-01-2020

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