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Where Is everyone? O.O - Gwendolyn Rose - 10-17-2020

Spooky Empty Hogwarts! I finally got it to connect for me after a lot of failing and then there is not a single person online? Not sure what going on!!!!

I ran around the map for a good 10 minutes thinking maybe something just not loading.. Maybe they all around RP bench and what not.. nothing.. I disconnected closed gmod completely reconnected and still same thing.. I am the only person online it says! 

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - Freedy - 10-17-2020

Same here, the main server is still up though as im in discord with people who are online and in game.

Every time i leave and try to reconnect to the server, it keeps putting me back in a server by myself?

Heard its happened before but this new Gmod update has defo messed up something lmao.

Edit: it has just allowed me to join via steam friends list so that seems to work

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - Jim Lupus-Everson - 10-17-2020

Sounds like a mess lmao, just looked at the server list and it says there is only 1 person online

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - Dante Amarilys-Myers - 10-17-2020

Everything seems to be back to normal to me. There are 42 online, and i can see them.

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - finnishturtle - 10-17-2020


Do that in console worked for me yesterday

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - Unearthly Banastre Tarleton - 10-17-2020

Just go on legacy browser and go on history.

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - Perseus Peverell Plouton - 10-17-2020

Others have given fixes to this, not sure if they work. But you might be able to find a fix in these 2 threads as well, or just get an idea of what's going on.

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - Etlenor - 10-17-2020

I heard that the server somehow gets cloned. This happened before like 7 months ago with a friend of mine, and it was literally him and Constantin on the server by themselves while I was on the actual populated server with the rest of the community. I'm pretty sure the october update broke something but they did some fixings last night, maybe that will fix it.

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - James Balor - 10-17-2020

Hopefully the server is fixed soon, I remember seeing around superpopulated server at 3AM

RE: Where Is everyone? O.O - Gwendolyn Rose - 10-17-2020

late last night someone shared a IP with me and says you have to connect under a new IP to join the server? Which umm ok? But why is there this 2nd server that seems to make multiple copies of itself to only allow 1 person on at a time? lol. *Shrugs* Hopefully will be able to connect later on with the new IP or whatever