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Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Denali Nayeli Sisca - 01-07-2021

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Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 4th, 2021

These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and Star by Star Gaming ("Company", “we”, “us”, or “our”), concerning your volunteer services on any of our services and or platforms such as and not limited to, our website, game servers, any other media form, media channel, console or PC application, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto. You agree that by posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.", you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN YOU ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED FROM APPLYING FOR A VOLUNTEER STAFF POSITION AND YOU MUST DISCONTINUE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

You accept and understand that you are not any form of an employee, contractor, or agent of Star by Star Gaming.

We reserve the right to remove or let go of any volunteer staff member for any reason and at any time at our sole discretion.

Any and all actions, including and not limited to, player and or user punishment, such as issued bans or otherwise on our game servers, websites, or other platforms, as well as any statements made by you, or any behavioral misconduct, does not express the views of Star by Star Gaming and are conducted at your sole discretion. You agree that all of these are of your own and you withhold full personal responsibility. Your actions, behavior, and or statements will be taken or given at your sole discretion and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless, including our subsidiaries, affiliates, and all of our respective officers, agents, partners, contractors, volunteers, volunteer staff, and employees, from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim, or demand due to the outcomes of your actions, statements, and or behaviors while performing volunteer staff services for Star by Star Gaming.


Please do not remove or delete these terms and conditions from your application, otherwise your application will be considered and declared void.

Applicants Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:445594954

(1.) Do you agree to and accept the Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions? If so, please answer with "Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions." - Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions.

(1a) What is your most recent or commonly known in-game name or alias? - Denali Nayeli Sisca

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be at least 7th year to apply.) - Prestige 4 Sixth Year

(2.) In which time zone do you reside? - EST

(2a) Please provide the hours of the day that you are the most active on the Hogwarts RP server according to CST (Chicago, US), so the managers and staff know when they can expect to see you. - between 9pm to 5am usually

(3.) What is your age? - 27

(4.) Approximately, when was the first time that you joined our Hogwarts RP server and how did you initially discover it? - I believe it was October 2019 and I found it by scrolling through multiplayer modes. SBS's server stood out more than all the rest so I tried it and here I am!

(4a) How can we be certain that you will remain active on the server upon being accepted for a volunteer staffing position? - I'm active quite often, mainly in the middle of my night though. I have people who can vouche for that from seeing me on all the time. I did however take 2 weeks off recently due to my Nana being in the hospital.

(4b) Do you understand that you can be let go at any time for excessive inactivity at our discretion? - Yes I understand. If I needed to go inactive for a small amount of time, I would immediately inform staff and let them know why. Usually only happens with family emergencies and it's usually only a day or 2. I would never just go inactive when I have a responsibility.

(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the server when necessary? - Yes, I understand and agree! I do this everyday as a prefect. I play the trinity role almost the entire time I'm on. And before that I was always on Hermione, prefecting. I've also held a few GH's to explain the rules.

(5a) When listing the 10 basic rules, please explain what they each mean to convey to us that you understand and comprehend them wholly.
List Rules below:
1: No Fail Rp - no fail roleplay means staying in character. So if you're a teacher and disrespecting a student, a prefect breaking the rules instead of enforcing them, or the headmaster going around  making fun of other students, that's all Fail RP. 

2: Disrespectful, hateful, and offensive behavior/speech toward others is not allowed - Being rude, racist, and sexist are all against the rules. Being disrespectful to other players. Offensive behavior is like making a group and saying they are going to continuously kill this person. Another example that I experienced today was students yelling transvestites were not allowed on this server. That is absolutely not okay. 

3: No Random Deathmatch (RDM) - Killing someone for no reason would be an RDM. Unless it is RP related (like a DF killing a LF at QP) or for a RP reason, it is not allowed under any circumstances. Another example would be killing a snatcher when they are not revealed. It's an example of RDM and Metagaming.

4: Obey Staff & RP Leaders - Listen to the staff. If they pull you, it's for a reason. Whether it's a fail rp name, going into the GY as a student, or breaking any of these rules in general. As for the RP leaders, it's for students to listen to higher ups. so it would go students->prefects->head boy or girl->teachers->headmaster. 

5: No Massive Freespelling - Freespelling is more or less running around hitting everyone with stupefy, everte, verdi, etc. It's very annoying and not okay unless there is an event going on that involves using those spells. 

6: No Metagaming - So metagaming examples would be calling someone a snatcher when they are not revealed, calling a friend on discord or messaging on steam that you are being snatched, or if their is a prefect annoying me and I switch to head girl just to put a DOS on them. 

7: No Mic/Chat Spam - Meaning don't spam the mic or chat. Screaming into the mic, talking too close to the mic on purpose, and playing music are all examples of mic spam. Chat spam would be typing the same thing over and over again within a short period of time. 

8: Owlpost is for significant roleplay purposes only - Owlpost is for RP information. For example, what time class starts if you're a teacher, activating PTS as a teacher, RFD for prefects, selling a student as a snatcher, DF calling a meeting, or Headmaster calling a meeting. Posting Daily Prophet headlines is also allowed if you have the job for it. Saying there is a party at Hagrids or even just saying hi on owlpost is not okay.

9: No ERP (Erotic Roleplay) - Means no explicit activity on the server. If someone is saying inappropriate things or typing /me and sexual text, those are examples of ERP. Yelling at someone for having a nice butt or boobs or pretending to hump someone who is sitting or crouching in front of them and moving forward and backward are other examples. 
10: Do not avoid the AFK system or map exploit - Making a macro on your keyboard to avoid the afk system, showing people bugs in the map to put you outside of it or places you shouldn't be are examples.

(6.) Tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to be accepted for a volunteer staffing position on SBS. (100 words or less) - I'm Native American and follow my culture a lot. I teach climbing and repelling so I love helping people. It's in my nature. I think I can help a lot of people on the server. I also am obsessed with foxes.

(7.) In your opinion, which quality of yourself do you feel that you need to improve on the most? -  Taking things to heart. I used to be really bad at taking everything to heart but it's something I've been working on for awhile. I am doing a lot better with it but it's still something I need to work on.

(7a) In your opinion, which skill set of yours do you feel that you need to improve on the most? - Tone control. There are times when I try and say something or explain something but it comes off as upset or mean. I need to work on trying to sound more gentle and polite all the time instead of just sometimes. 

(8.) How would having you on our volunteer staff team benefit our server and what qualities set you apart from the rest of the applicants? -  I'm very experienced in prefrecting and teaching, I have good knowledge of the rules because of this and feel like I can help enforce them in a kind and understanding way. I also love going to the Great Hall and finding new students to help and give them a tour. It's a good feeling when someone you helped in the beginning stays on the server because you took the time to actually help. 

(9.) Have you ever previously maintained a game server staffing position, or currently are, on any other Garry's Mod servers? If so, which ones, and in which staffing positions? (List them if possible) - I have not, no. 

(10.) Have you ever previously been banned on any Garry's Mod or SBS servers? If yes, then please list approximately when, how long, and the reasoning(s). - I've never been banned or threatened to be banned. 

(11.) In your opinion, are the server staff or the players of more importance? Why? - Players I would say come first but we know that players like to cross boundaries and if we didn't have staff to enforce the rules, the server would be full of people just trying to be toxic or racist. And no one would want to stay. A lot of people come on here for the RP purpose and without staff to make sure it stays that way, the server would be insufferable. And without players, there wouldn't be a server. So in the end, I would say the players. 

(12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (E.g., patience, response time, etc.) - 

Leadership  8/10 - I usually end up doing most of the work in a lot of situations I'm in. I also try and take control of situations that got out of hand. 

Patience 9/10 - It takes a lot for me to lose patience and that's because of my background with climbing and repelling. It's not something you can rush so I've learned patience at a young age.

Response Time 9/10 - The only time I step away from my pc when playing is to feed my cats or use the bathroom so I'm always on and paying attention.

Communication 8/10 - I used to be horrible at communicating things but now it's something I excel in. I explain things in detail so they have an understanding of what I'm trying to say.

Problem solving 8/10 - I always try and find every possible solution before fixing a problem. Making sure I have all of the facts first.

Confidence 7/10 - I'm pretty confident in the skills I have but I wouldn't say I'm perfect at all. Far from it. 

(13.) If you find yourself in a 'staff-sit' where you're unsure of how to fairly distribute punishment and or handle the situation or discrepancy at hand, what do you do? - I would see if any other staff is online and ask them for advice or help. If no one is online, I would message one of them on discord or steam and see if they are around to help. If no one is around, I would try and handle it to the best of my ability and bring it up later to staff and ask if there was something different that could've been done. 

(14.) You both understand and realize, that by applying for a volunteer staffing position on the server, you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to role-play and or socialize freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues and or volunteer staff position tasks at hand no matter the situation and to the best of your abilities? - I understand 100%

(15.) If applicable, please provide a list of all your previous volunteer staff applications, provide a link to them if possible, and list any reasons why they may have been locked. If they were previously accepted, please provide a short explanation of why you are no longer volunteer staff at the time of this application. (Disregard if this is your first application) - N/A

RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Ritchie - 01-07-2021

Hey! You would be good at staff I just want to point out that you have just came back so, I won't be the only one to bring this up. as of right now I I will be going Neutral to +1 only on the basis that you have just came back but I will change my vote once I see you have been on for a couple of weeks or so! GL on the app Denali!

I am going to be changing my vote to +1 as denali has been doing well as far as I have seen has been active and actually tries to enforce rules and I also have heard she has done a prefect meeting. I believe Denali is fit to be a moderator on the server.

RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Etlenor - 01-07-2021

I believe you just came back 3-4 days ago. I have only seen you on once, and you weren't really reinforcing rules. It's still a very premature time to apply. -1

RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Joe Mason - 01-07-2021

What Etlenor said concerns me the most, almost every example of someone coming back then immediately applying for staff results in a staff member who is around for under a month. 

If you cannot be bothered to involve yourself in the community, how are you going to staff in it?

Actually spend some time becoming familiar with the rules and community again before considering applying

Candidates activity and constant prefecting leads me to think they would be a good fit for the team. Longevity is still my major concern here. 

Neutral to +1

RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Emily Broomhandle - 01-07-2021

Hi Denali,

I understand joe and etlenors concerns, it has been a while but you have explained why you took the break.

 I am trying to remember if I seen you reinforcing the rules and I just can’t remember, not saying you didn’t but now that you’re back, prefect more, encourage roleplay and help the new people just to get noticed more. :)

I’m sure from your application you would make good staff just dedicate the next few days in showing your abilities.

My vote is neutral for now.

From seeing the feedback I am changing my vote to +1!

Good luck!

RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Tyrone - 01-07-2021

(01-07-2021, 06:37 AM)Joe Mason Wrote:
Almost every example of someone coming back then immediately applying for staff results in a staff member who is around for under a month. 


Their activity through trial will be good, and then just poof

I think one should be active for at least a month before they're allowed to become a trial.

Activity right now is great anywhere from 3-10hrs via game tracker (so probably more than that), but I need to see consistency before I +1 you

I don't recall seeing you much, so I can't give a super detailed response on what I think you should improve on, so here:


RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - STEAM_0:1:1270655 - 01-07-2021

neutral/-1 until you boost your activity, then will +1 when it's consistent (had to put this down, there's been a trend of poor activity before trial being an indicator of poor activity during and after trial as seen with recent mods and older mods)!

Denali would make a great addition. She is caring and helpful to new students, very open, and objective in my observations.  

Boost that activity and put yourself out there and more people will +1 you!


RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Freya Ravena Sisca - 01-07-2021

From me i have seen you teaching various classes and i think you do a solid performace and you know your stuff! I have seen you on the past few days and think you would make an excellent staff member who is nice and respectful! Your grasp of the rules are in depth and show you no your stuff! Its a +1 for me! Good luck Denali! <3  harrylove

RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Tony Nayeli Sisca - 01-07-2021

Pretty much what Tyrone and Joe said, consistency is key if you want to prove to the staff team and the community that you'll be reliable in terms of activity and that you won't disappear all of sudden once you successfully complete trial. I've seen you hosting Great Halls, so this is a good start to make yourself known. The app is good overall. Good luck!


RE: Denali Nayeli Sisca - Moderator Staff Application - Luke Sisca - 01-07-2021

would love to see you as staff but you vanish and grind out other games for a good amount of time then come back which i FULLY understand but might not be good for the activity requirement for staff. just make sure to play a bit more then you did in the past (atm you're doing great just keep it up) +1