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Missing Persons Report - Blanca Noir - 01-11-2021

Have you seen this person?

Known alias’s: Rocket Da Goon aka Casey Bains (responds to either) @Casey Bains 

[Image: 2ED2C8602C9204FEF711D290895DE468CD114236]

Missing since: 12/31/2020

Last known location: Outside towers 

Likely hangouts: QP or outside towers

Identifying details: Custom collector, aggressive pvper, silent type(unless provoked).

Note: His friends miss him and would like him safely returned. 150,000 Galleon reward for information leading to his safe return.

Contact: Janie Red (discord: Janie#6654)

RE: Missing Persons Report - Luke Sisca - 01-12-2021

how to hunt a dragon guide incoming  Kappa

RE: Missing Persons Report - Freedy - 01-13-2021

Where he at tho