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Bring back signatures!!!! - [red] Tyr - 01-20-2023

(1) What name do you go by: Tyr Trolas

(2) Your suggestion: Bring back signatures!!!!

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: I am writing to express my strong support for the return of signatures on our SBS GOM forum. I believe that signatures are an important aspect of our community, as they allow users to express themselves and showcase their personalities. They also help to create a sense of individuality and make our community more engaging and dynamic.
In the past, signatures were a popular feature among our users, and they were widely used to share personal information, creative artwork, or quotes. They also helped to promote teamwork and friendship among our users, as well as a sense of community.
I understand that there may have been some concerns about signatures in the past, such as issues with spam or inappropriate content. However, I believe that these concerns can be addressed through proper moderation and community guidelines. Furthermore, I believe that the benefits of signatures far outweigh any potential drawbacks, and that they would greatly enhance the overall user experience.
I would be more than happy to work with the staff team to develop guidelines and best practices for signatures, and I am confident that we can find a solution that is both effective and inclusive. I am also willing to volunteer my time to help moderate the signatures section to ensure a smooth operation.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: No

RE: Bring back signatures!!!! - Boris (2) - 01-20-2023

I don't agree with this, don't bring back signatures.

RE: Bring back signatures!!!! - Bҽʅʅα*:・゚✧ - 01-20-2023

I sincerely do hope we gain the ability to make signatures again!

RE: Bring back signatures!!!! - [red] Tyr - 04-26-2023

@The Guy accept this pls