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who is byron? - Byron - 05-09-2023

hello men and woMen of sbs gaming. i am byron. i have been apart of sbs since the 2nd of february 2022. i loved the hp rp server but enjoy the glorious galaxy of magic even more. you may remember me as someone who went by nbz. i do not go by that anymore for i have evolved thanks to the wonders i have been shown through Trolas. i am a proud supporter of Menland and will defend this country with my life.

hobbies include:
spreading peace through all servers
being a noob in garry's mod
worshipping Trolas every hour of the day- hail Trolas!
enjoying the realms of star wars
supporting the artist known as the weeknd, for he too is a god

it is great to finally arrive to the sbs forums. i look forward to the new map update soon.

RE: who is byron? - Boris (2) - 05-09-2023

Who is Byron?