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Autoset radio button format - Jul - 07-19-2018

Some forum sections it is a requirement to follow the format. 
Instead of having the community to copy & paste everything, have it set for them.

Making a thread will give you the option what kind of post it is going to be. This as button action (not NULL).
Once they have confirmed their button it will automatically direct you to post edit with the format filled in. 

This also works with titles or just put a tag infront of the topic name.


Forum section: [Community] Staff & Player report
Action button options:
  • Staff Report
  • Player Report
Forum section: [Hogwarts] Staff applications
Action button options:
  • Gamemaker Application
  • Moderator Application
For either option I would also suggest to include the rules and additional information before applying in spoilers. 
If someone is answering all the questions listed in the format they will see the spoiler. 
I think people are more likely to read everything in this way than when people are just going to the thread to copy a format.

Forum section:[Hogwarts] Suggestions & Bugs
Action button options:
  • Bugs 
  • Suggestions
For [Hogwarts] Ban appeals it will automatically be set.

RE: Autoset radio button format - Michael Classicius - 07-19-2018

I know Albert worked on this on the Enjin forums and managed to make it work. It was a nice system and did help. Now if only we can get rid of those orange formats  :s