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. - Alfie_Kenno_ - 12-06-2018

Lock This, Thanks.....

RE: Alfie ban appeal - Albert Sterling - 12-06-2018

Moved to the correct section

RE: Alfie ban appeal - Justin Aeternalis - 12-06-2018

Tagging the panda for her appeal @Myranda Nova-Aeternalis

RE: Alfie Kenno Vantar's Ban Appeal. - Etlenor K Dragon Rivers - 12-06-2018

We all like to mess with someone, but "Diemore"? jeez.
He asked you to change it, he did it for you, but you insisted to 
do it again, and when you changed to that 2nd name it was
obviously to mess with him, again
In my opinion, a 7 day ban is too long.
I'm staying Neutral for now

RE: Alfie Kenno Vantar's Ban Appeal. - Grungy Mystic - 12-06-2018

I looked it up, "Toody" in urban dictionary means "know-it-all". Want proof?
-1 You knew what you were doing, both times.

RE: Alfie Kenno Vantar's Ban Appeal. - Nuka Mercury - 12-06-2018

Until I hear Myranda's side of it I'mma say

Neutral af

RE: Alfie Kenno Vantar's Ban Appeal. - Tom Sanguis L d'Aquitaine - 12-06-2018

Nutreal to a -1
Alfie for me there is no problem with the second name but the first one was kind like a copy of vincents name (i know its a joke but some staff does not like those jokes)
And you got told multi bowl times by staff to change it.
so il wait on Myranda to respond then I will make my decision

Edit: Myranda responded and for me it going to be a -1
(Just saying I'm not sure but I got told that you did not say Bye if that's true that means you are lying on your appeal)

RE: Alfie Kenno Vantar's Ban Appeal. - Myranda Nova-Aeternalis - 12-06-2018

Hi Alfie,

So you were warned earlier that evening by Vincent for staff impersonation because you had set your name to his. Then, after a bit you changed it to "Vincent Toodymore" and i understand that Vincent is not an uncommon name, but because you impersonated him a bit before this, changing your name to Vincent is still considered impersonation. When we realized you changed it, you had left the server, which is why it's also considered LTAP (Leaving to avoid punishment). Staff impersonation is a 5 day, and because you ltap'ed, it adds on to your ban, which resulted in you having a week ban.

I will leave this open for the community. 

RE: Alfie Kenno Vantar's Ban Appeal. - Vincent Delmoire - 12-06-2018

I'm also going to point out earlier in the day you tried to kill me while I was in a sit in a sit room. You also refused to give me a name to let me change it fir you. I had to ask about 7 times. That's all the information anout this situation

RE: . - Kyrie Animus-Knight [Axel Dragon] - 12-06-2018

OG requested thread lock. 

@Albert Sterling @Astro Brooks-Nova @White The Mystic Elvish Queen