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Avatar History - GinaGovernatore - 02-10-2019

[Image: hEdWQk0.png]
Avatar History

I want to know your avatar histories.
That is, what images have you used on the forums (or through steam, your steam Avatar)
in the past and now? 

It's interesting to think about, some community members keep one single image indefinitely, while others have changed them
I shall start by sharing mine. I've actually kept a folder of all the images I've used for some reason.
No idea why I chose to do that.

Respond via a spoiler or spoilers, because you may have a lot of images to share.
They don't need to be in any order. You don't have to give EVERY bit of your avatar history, just as much as you can remember/would like to share.

Spoiler: Avatar History

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Spoiler: Silhouettes
Spoiler: Vespiquen

Spoiler: MimiOutfits

Spoiler: Cinccino

RE: Avatar History - Justin Amendish - 02-10-2019

Just a picture of my favorite hockey player raising his stick for steam. For forums that one and my boy ovechkin raising the Stanley cup.

RE: Avatar History - Nuka Mercury - 02-10-2019

Iffin I recall I've used:

1. My Waluigi in Power Armor profile pic

2. My side character from "Freddie Got Fingered" profile pic

and now

3. Jay's Self Aware Dog, Featuring Ludicrous

RE: Avatar History - Gwendolen Brooks/Snow-Nova - 02-10-2019

I'm boring. It's been Rapunzel for the past few years minus one time which was a silent hill/disenchanted avatar I believe.
Im not a huge fan of Rapunzel either, but she's my favorite Disney princess. If i remember, one of my friends bugged me about getting an avatar, to shut them up I slapped a random pic. Which was Rapunzel. So I kept adding new Rapunzel avatars xD.

RE: Avatar History - Theadora Laelaps - 02-11-2019

First I had this as a pfp on steam and the forums VVV 
Then I had this VVV
And then what I have now which is just a cartoony self portrait of me in slytherin robes that I drew

RE: Avatar History - Jackie Sanguis - 02-11-2019

Used to have Daenerys Targaryen as my dp and then I switched to this. Been using it for a long long time