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Name Appeal - Ted Theodore Logan - 04-15-2019

I want to have the name Ted T Logan, it's harmless, and it's a boss name!

My understanding of the "No Famous Muggles" rule, was that you aren't allowed the name/s of real people.

Either I should be allowed this name, or the rules should at least be made clearer for me, and future people that may have a similar problem.

Either way, this is not excellent.

RE: Name Appeal - Garrus Vakarian - 04-15-2019

Ted Theodore logan from Bill and ted's excellent adventure played by Keanu Reaves.


RE: Name Appeal - Ted Theodore Logan - 04-15-2019

still doesn't help explain to me why i'm not allowed it

RE: Name Appeal - Garrus Vakarian - 04-15-2019

Also, did you honestly just change your name on the server after the staff told you not to and then chose to log off the moment you did it?

Further examples of unacceptable names:
1.) Derogatory or discriminatory language within your name. This may lead to an instant punishment.
2.) Famous muggle's name such as, but not limited to, Donald Trump, Lil Wayne, or Soda Poppin. <This one right here includes "Soda Poppin" while not his real name, is still a name he used as a character, it's also not limited to these.
3.) Impersonating or using a variation of a notable user or staff member. E.g. Astrew Nouva is not allowed.
4.) Using memes within your name.
5.) Sexual or crude name. E.g. Ben Dover, Aniti Cawk, Heywood Jablomi.
6.) Play on words/pun/innuendo. E.g. Ove Erthere, Phuc N. Stupid, Helen Back.
7.) An object or place that is not recognized as a legitimate name. E.g. Telephone Pole, Freemont Street, Taj Mahal.
8.) Random nonsense.

*Staff have final say whether a name is RP valid or not. Upon leaving a name sit with a proper name and should a user revert their name to an improper one, the user may be banned without being brought to another sit.

PLEASE NOTE: If you were denied a name by a staff member but you believe that you should be allowed the name, you may make a name appeal in Help/Feedback explaining why you should be allowed to keep your name. The acting server manager will either accept or deny the appeal. Their word is final.

If staff tells you no to a name and a rule isn't listed here, LISTEN TO THE STAFF.

not to mention this reached itself into a meme

RE: Name Appeal - Saigyl who? - 04-15-2019

If you switched back to that name again.......... -1

Tagging server manager for his response
@Michael Classicius

RE: Name Appeal - Melly - 04-15-2019

-1 Against the rules as it is a character’s name though it may not be his real name. Do not change your name back to any name you were told you were not allowed to have unless your name appeal is accepted; you will get in trouble.

RE: Name Appeal - The Disruptive One - 04-15-2019

What's the problem here, like seriously? 

I've seen a player w/ a name variation of the superman actor Dean Cain. And I've never seen him get pulled or in trouble for that unless I just haven't seen the appeal. 

Sorry for name dropping, just giving an example.

Plus I've seen way too many random/historical/pun name Variations that are still active and unmolested by this Name Rule. Stop Wasting this guys time please.

RE: Name Appeal - Z A G A N - 04-20-2019

Your profile picture is the first image that comes up when you google your name, evident that you are trying to have the name of a famous character. 
As Odin stated with the rules, by having the name you are breaking the second one.
You state that if you don't receive permission to use this name, the rules should be made clearer regarding it.. But you also changed your name back when asked to fix it by a staff member so I doubt that having the rule specifically written would have mattered since rule 4 clearly states to obey staff and even in the name rules it states "If staff tells you no to a name and a rule isn't listed here, LISTEN TO THE STAFF"

RE: Name Appeal - Amelia Silver-Dragonfyre - 04-20-2019


I mean, i didn't know what this name was from until someone said. Odin basically explained which names are allowed and what you shouldn't put as your name. As far as i am aware this is a name of a character.

RE: Name Appeal - Sushi ⚠️ - 04-20-2019

-1 absolutely not, should not be allowed.