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HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - ZubeySweet - 08-13-2019


A few important topics to discuss then below that there's a list of Server Content Additions for the new HaloRP 2.0 update!

Very excited for the future of this server and very grateful I'm able to do cool Halo shit with you guys,


-Paying Gamemakers Money per event
So this is a HUGELY odd thing for Gmod communities I know. This is the Halo server ONLY thing and is coming out of MY pocket and it is not ALOT of money per person or else I would go broke. I want to reword people who are doing good work I am pleased with on the server in positions of real responsibility and eventually depending on how the server grows I may pay all staff. Right now we are starting with GAMEMAKERS ONLY because they are VERY important to server health, excitement, and growth. I want the server to have lots of events with decent to high quality and paying per event is how I'm choosing to try and get us there. There are different levels you can earn and be promoted to so you can earn more per event but everyone starts out at $3 per event once you pass the trial phase of GM. If you or anyone you know on Gmod Is good at event making and do or would enjoy halo I encourage you to apply or tell them to come and apply for Gamemaker. I want alot of good Gamemakers here bad. However, you must have been a player on the server for over 3 weeks and have a loyalty rank on the server of platinum 1 to apply. 

-Changing to Serious RP
There will be an announcement later today with more specifics on this BUT despite going from Semi-Serious RP to Serious RP there will only be a few alterations and additions to server life and rules that are different from how we function right now. The main changes will be in 3 areas 1.) Global server rules 2.) Encouragement to come up with Backgrounds for your characters on the server and to create situations on the server with your uniqueness that will involve others in Roleplay. 3.) Expectations and Standards for Officers. Again, I want to stress these are basic changes that are needed for a lively and well organized RP server but are not disturbingly different from how we have been so far. For more information or if you have any questions AFTER the post (Contact Aura, Elios, or me in the SBS HaloRP discord! Link:

-Major Server Optimizations
I have personally gone 1 by one though our server files and optimized all our addons and files to a great degree with this Halo 2.0 Update.
Even though I have been through there may be some things I overlooked, forgot,  edited, removed, or added that will cause errors or have some things be missing/not working on the server. If you see anything like this please let me know immediately so I can fix it at my earliest convenience.

-Community meeting
To discuss these things and more we will be having another Community Meeting night in the HaloRP discord Voice chat at 7pm CST this Friday. Everyone is invited.

---Server Content Additions---
-(Skilled Fistfighting system) to all Spartans
-Custom Hunter Captain Playermodel for RP (Very BIG and VERY cool)
-New Halo NPC Squad Groups
-Insurrectionist VJ NPC's
-New Server Materials
-10 NEW EVENT MAPS! - You can see a list of all our event maps here:
-Added multiple tools for Gamemakers such as NPC tools 2, Resizer, Model manipulator, and also optimizations to our previous tools.
-MA-37 with a working grenade launcher attachment!
-Red Energy Sword for the Silent Shadow Job
-MULTIPLE new playermodels and attachments
-Voice Amplifier swep for GM's and staff
-New and updated Invisibility Cloak (Added but not done customizing lua yet)
-Hbombs Nukes and Missles!
-Tiered Spawnable props for Navy Jobs!
-VJ Sentinal SNPC's  with dynamic shields
-And a few more small things I'm forgetting I'm sure

RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - Jai - 08-13-2019

Very cool.

RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - Gwendolen - 08-13-2019

Impressive. I hope this helps the community grow and encourage people to apply and become gms :) (And other positions). You're a good man Zubey!

RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - Lewis Mcree-Nova - 08-13-2019

Seems like I joined the server at the right time! I'm excited to see this playout.

RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - Ryte Lionheart - 08-13-2019

-Paying Gamemakers Money per event

:Thinking: intriguing

RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - alex (3) - 08-14-2019

Paying Gamemakers per event holy shit lol. 

Hogwarts Gamemakers? No??..... Ok

RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - ♔Redgie♔ - 08-14-2019

Seems Legit
Though you fucked a lot of things!

RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - Etlenor - 08-14-2019

a lot*


RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - Johnny Tucan - 08-14-2019

I'm Glad the Halo server is growing,Also 10-4 en route to the server

RE: HUGE HaloRP 2.0 Server Update - Jack / Josh - 08-14-2019

This is nice to hear, I am happy the Halo Server is improving day by day. Good job Zubey and the rest of the Halo Staff.