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Decisions - K/DA Akali - 09-09-2019

I want to make a new custom but idk what I should do.

Do I make a wild nuetral 
An semi open job with apps to get the job

The wild Neutral would basically complete a collection.
I would own an Allied neutral, Dark Force, Auror, Light Force and then a wild.

The only thing I do not own is a job that can get spells, which is fine.

the semi open job is only really 'semi' because I want to be able to kick dickheads off the job

RE: Decisions - Jerome - 09-09-2019

i think another custom dragon needs to be created

RE: Decisions - Ryte Lionheart - 09-09-2019

What do you got in mind

RE: Decisions - Octavia Bungalow d'Aquitaine - 09-09-2019

If the semi-open one is the one you had told me about a couple weeks ago definitely that it would be so cool

RE: Decisions - ◽ Etlenor ◾ - 09-10-2019

Aberforth uwu

RE: Decisions - Killean - 09-10-2019

Just do what you think its best,in the end you are the one making the decision.

RE: Decisions - Oliver Dragon-d'Aquitaine - 09-10-2019

Up to you papi
Though the app one sounds c00l

RE: Decisions - San Mercy - 09-10-2019

I'm leaning towards the wild neutral

RE: Decisions - Joe Rosa - 09-10-2019

I like the wild neutral also, sounds good. SeemsGood