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Leaving Hogwarts RP - Misty Tredwell - 09-11-2019

I wanna thank everyone for being nice and loving but my time is coming to a end for this server but I'm leaving with a reason which I won't say it. Goodbye!! The ones that know me or have seen me thank you for letting me hang around with you <3  feelsbadman Heart ravenclawPride gryffindorPride hufflepuffPride slytherinPride Heart  feelsbadman 

                                           In-Game names that I had on Hogwarts RP (Tiffany Rose,Lilith Solaris Nyx,Lilith Galdiir Nyx and the others I can't remember)

                                                                        (Left HogwartsRP 9/11/2019 2:01 Am)

RE: Leaving Hogwarts RP - Weaslton - 09-11-2019

I don't know you, nor have I spoken to you, but I understand your need to leave. I wish you luck out there, girl.

RE: Leaving Hogwarts RP - Etlenor✅ - 09-11-2019

Byee Misty. Don't be a stranger :)

RE: Leaving Hogwarts RP - Kyrie Animus [Axel D. + Nova B.] - 09-11-2019

You’re friends will always be here. Don’t be afraid to pop by once in a while.

RE: Leaving Hogwarts RP - Sibyl - 09-11-2019

I'm sad to see you leave, but I hope it won't be forever! I hope you can still come on even to just visit :)

RE: Leaving Hogwarts RP - Sean Ganon - 09-11-2019

Make sure to pop by and say hello if you can! Bon Voyages!

RE: Leaving Hogwarts RP - Jai Callisto - 09-11-2019

later boss :wave:

RE: Leaving Hogwarts RP - Oliver Dragon-d'Aquitaine - 09-11-2019

Bye bye