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    Thread: Sibyl's New Gamemaker Application
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great personality, generally well-liked by community. Issues with inactivity but responds to concerns. Works with players as well and I view her as unbiased. +1
Mister Meeseeks
Mister Meeseeks
Locked Applications 7 1,096 07-07-2022, 02:56 PM
    Thread: MooMoo's List of suggestions.
Post: RE: MooMoo's List of suggestions.

allow players to input the name of each spell to show client-side. introducing gods and having greek incantations is hella confusing especially when no world building has been done. source of magic (w...
Mister Meeseeks
Mister Meeseeks
Suggestions Discussion 6 800 07-02-2022, 08:49 PM
    Thread: Scholar Model Preference
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in the world of gmod, there's no reason to not include all 3. in the world of magic, i don't think warlocks who make deals with powerful entities (the mythological look) would ever study with sorcere...
Mister Meeseeks
Mister Meeseeks
Suggestions Discussion 10 1,391 07-02-2022, 08:46 PM