Forum Rules

Global Rules
  • Insults, harassment and general disrespect will not be tolerated, all users must be respectful to every player and staff member. Do not post to create or participate in flame wars.
  • Racism, homophobia or other hateful comments are not allowed regardless of intent or reaction, use of words classified as "hate speech" on [SBS] Galaxy of Magic may be used in serious discussions or explanations of past or current infractions (There is no need to censor yourself in serious discussion). These words are allowed in the lyrics of posted songs, however if the song cannot use the words offensively.
Posting Rules
  • All posts must be in English as this is an English speaking community.
  • Every thread must have a purpose relating to this community and all comments must be on topic to that purpose, the thread subject must be based on the purpose
  • Do not spoil any current media, if you wish to discuss it, place it in a clearly labeled bbcode [spoiler] (Current will be regarded as less than a month)
  • No gory, pornographic or otherwise graphic content may be posted regardless of weather it is contained within a spoiler or not. This includes post content as well as images and links.
  • Threads or comments not relating to this community will be removed, this includes advertising other communities or games (pointing out game temporary specials such as sales is permitted in the community forum > general discussion section).
  • Users must attempt to use the correct section when posting a new thread, and must use any format and follow any rules (posted by forum staff members) in that specific section.
  • Clickbait titles are not allowed, keep your titles professional
  • Some forum sections are more strict than others, Staff applications, Staff reports, Player reports, Server Suggestions and Ban appeals and all comments on those must be serious. joke/meme threads such as a pretend staff report should be made in the general discussion section of that forum.
  • Posts in the previously labeled "serious" sections cannot only contain a joke or unrelated media (video, picture, meme, etc. which do not pertain to the thread in question) will be removed, if there is additional important content in the comment the media or joke may be edited out.
  • Posts in the previously labeled "serious" sections must be directed at the topic, not other people's votes on the topic. Do not reply to the thread with a discussion about one of the votes, use a forum vote, report the comment or speak to the player directly. This means no arguing back and forth or the content will be removed.
Profile & Signature Rules
  • Impersonating another player (past or present) or faking a staff rank is prohibited.
  • Users may have multiple accounts (alts) provided that the user is not currently banned on the forums and that the user doesn't use the alt for certain activities;
    1. An alt account may not be used to vote on any application that the main account has already posted on. This means you cannot vote on yourself or vote more than once on anyone else's application/appeal/report.
    2. Alt accounts cannot be used to forum vote(like, dislike, funny, off topic, etc.) a post already voted on or created by the alt account's owner.
    3. Keep in mind that breaking rules on an alt account will get the main account punished and may result in the alt account being permabanned.
  • Attacking any [SBS] user on a personal profile or private message will be dealt with by punishment on the [SBS] Forum. The global rules apply.
  • Keep any and all drama out of your signature.
  • Private messages may be used in your signature if all involved parties allow it.
  • All signatures must obey posting and global rules.

Forum staff get the final say on all situations on the forums, if there is a disagreement with a forum staff's decision, speak with their higher up or report them in the Community Staff Reports section. Any questions can be directed to forum staff as it is their job to help you. Please note, Server mods/GMs/admins/managers are not necessarily forum staff and do not have any authority over actions on the forums.

*Failure to read the forum rules is not an excuse not to follow them*
*Issues more than one month old cannot be reported unless a new offense has occurred*

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