[CWRP] "The Way Forward" Campaign Announcement

FROM: Admiral Igroc



“As I’m sure most of you are aware, for several weeks now we have been encountering a powerful robotic force that calls themselves the Cybrex. During our encounters, we have also discovered several “Research Sites” that appear to have belonged to a secretive part of the ancient Sith Empire, from the days of the Old Republic.” 

“Our encounters have varied in location and in outcome, however the time has come to end these encounters for good. Republic command has been informed of the situation and has organized a massive strike force to eliminate this threat forever. We’re going back to Site 19, the first Research Site we ever found and where the Cybrex revealed themselves, to find their leader. They call their leader ‘The Wise One’, and we are being sent to destroy him. ” 

“Our first objective is going to be clearing the way for the rest of our supporting fleets. The hyperspace lanes to Site 19 are all protected by Cybrex fleets, and with the addition of the new Harbinger-class cannon that was recovered in a previous battle, which is now installed on the Retribution, we have the means to destroy their fleets. After that, we’re going to hit Site 19 with everything we have, send in an invasion force, and take the base. I do not know what defenses lie in wait for us on the surface of that moon, but be ready for anything.” 

“Oh, and one last thing, if any of you have not been present for or otherwise missed the missions, information and documents we have already found, I highly encourage you to view the Archive that Agent Narcos has constructed for us. The archive documents all of our past encounters with the Cybrex, as well as any and all documents we have found, and could be crucial in helping us to find a weak point in the Cybrex’s forces(OOC: If you like puzzles and ARGs, or you like deciphering stories, then visit the archive. It hosts a ton of information and writing, some of it hidden, that will allow you to piece together the full story more clearly. If you’re really good, you can probably figure out the ending to the entire story by using the clues I’ve left behind).”


[Agent Narcos is sitting in his office, going through the files found at Site 01 and archiving anything of importance when Admiral Igroc enters the room]

“Admiral! Good to see you. I thought you were busy planning the assault on Site 19, why are you here?” 

“I was actually hoping you’d answer a question of mine.”

“Go ahead, I’m not doing anything interesting anyways.” 

“The Cybrex forces are intelligent, strong, numerous, can travel quickly and have shown aggression against us before. Why haven’t they just wiped us and the rest of the Republic out?

“Hm. Maybe they don’t want to attract too much attention to themselves? They haven’t attracted that much attention so far and we’ve already begun plans to destroy them.” 

“Maybe you’re right. I still just have a bad feeling about this…” 

[Image: unknown.png?width=1202&height=677]

“...it feels like we’re being led back to Site 19.”

[Image: unknown.png?width=1202&height=677]

“And I have a sickening feeling someone wants exactly that.” 

[Image: unknown.png?width=1202&height=677]

“Sir, you’re being paranoid. Go get a drink from the mess hall and you’ll feel better.”


If you couldn't already tell, this campaign is going to be the finale to my Cybrex storyline I have been doing for some time. There will be no more missions pertaining to this storyline after this campaign, so if you miss it, you may never learn the ending to it, and I have a feeling many of you would be fairly upset by that. So, to not miss it, make sure you are on the server, ready to fight, at: 

3:00 PM CST/4:00 PM EST ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 2019. 

The duration of this campaign will be about 4-5 hours, and will have various locations, battles and an epic conclusion to the story. I am very excited to finish this storyline with all of you and I am hoping that you will all enjoy this final mission. I'll see you all on the battlefield, and make sure to spread the word about this new campaign!

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