SBS Awards 2020 Results - Winners!

(12-28-2020, 04:06 PM)Ariel Lionheart Wrote: If people wanna complain about rigging, idk what to say other than... take it up with the community? lmao

All we did is open nominations, take names, get top 4, put top 4 in voting, and let people vote. We didn't change any peoples votes or remove anyone or add extra votes. If we tried to prevent a certain group from winning awards, that would LITERALLY be rigging it because we would be ignoring who was most nominated/voted for.

If you have actual constructive criticism on how to fix the issues that you have with the event, then by all means give it, we will take it and consider it, but if you don't, I don't see the point lol

Also we had the committee open to literally anyone to join, and had multiple meetings for suggestions and if you didn't choose to join and help in any way, then maybe you shouldn't complain that it wasn't good enough.

Thank you to everyone else who gave us feedback though, and @Chad Pennysworth I agree with you and next year perhaps we will change the description to be more inclusive (rather than specific).

Exactly what Ariel said. Honestly , people saying that it’s rigged are just salty. It’s not criticism it’s complaining that certain people won. Of course it comes down to mainly popularity. We literally leave everything up to the community and we just count everything. Everyone gets to nominate and vote if they choose to. What other way are we suppose to do it? I’m sorry but get over yourself lol. If you still don’t understand how the awards work, try joining us on the committee next year and actually see how they work. Otherwise, don’t complain and call it criticism.
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