A farewell to Toto...

Hey all! I've actually never made an introduction/farewell post on here despite playing on the server for almost 10 months, but now feels like a better time than ever!

Basically, you all know me as Toto Sinclair, but I'm essentially abandoning the name "Toto" and switching it out for something new! (I'm not going anywhere hehe)

The reasoning behind this? Experimentation put simply! I'm trying different things and experimenting and part of that is changing my name to fit it!
(If you could disregard any "nicknames" which relate to Toto which you enjoy using, I would greatly appreciate it.)

I'm not doing it to cover anything up, but simply to just try something a little different.
I didn't want any confusion when I turn up on the server with a different alias, hence making this post, hopefully you can accept this!

Of course, what name am I changing to? Well it's gonna be Erin Sinclair! (pronounced "Eh-rin")

See you around!
(Reach out if you have any questions)
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