Galaxy of Magic Bulletins 19th of September 2022

Galaxy of Magic Bulletins

Staff News

Gwen, Bella, Heinrich, Larissa and Satia are on LOA/Low Activity
Boe and Kenzie are back from LOA/Low Activity

@Ariel Lionheart Was chosen as the new Staff Manager! Please congratulate her on obtaining the position!

@Rory Martin has resigned from the staff team, we will all miss you loads <3

We are actively looking for staff (especially moderators)! If you or someone you know is interested in Moderator or Gamemaker we encourage you to apply!
To Apply for Moderator check here:
To apply for Gamemaker check here:
 To apply for Helper check here:
If you have any questions about staff positions feel free to reach out to any staff member, we'd love to help!

Server News

sbs_forgotten_school is undergoing a week trial to see how it might operate as a main map, 
last week was rp_feudal, please let us know what you think of the 2!

Rule Clarifications

Just to echo what was said in previous bulletins: 


-Wild neutral jobs such as animals, dragons, and non violent creatures may now be tamed by the players! 
- Simply change your rp name to reflect upon who owns you when you are tamed. 
- These jobs will also partake in scenarios such as pvp and snatching to assist their owners!

- Monster Neutrals/Creatures now have the ability to leave their forest compounds and attack the school area once per class period! (10 minutes maximum)
- This means they are to be KOS at all times even when outside their forest. 
- Being killed means they are back to the forest boundary confined for the remainder of the class period. 
- They are not permitted to attack unsorted spawns, dorms, or active classrooms.

Special and Useful Threads: 

Nothing much!

Thank you for reading!

Question: What's the most annoying noise?

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