[Hanaka Saga] The Monk of the High Temple


Chapter One
The Monk of the High Temple

Since ancient times in the Hanaka Clan, the sky has always been like a shrine. A shrine to warfare, prosperity, and expansion. To go past the clouds and across the stars to oblige the Chieftain’s banner was the most honorable of deeds. It is among this very sky that the Hanakans have taken to call it the High Temple, because of
its sacred place in Hanakan culture.

It amongst this High Temple that a man has taken the banner of his chieftain, Rael Hanaka, and flown it across the stars of conquest. This man’s name is Admiral Kaymann, and his escapades have earned him the nickname of the Monk of the High Temple. His careful planning and clever maneuvers have made him the prize admiral of the Hanaka Clan, and he intends to live up to that end of his reputation.

But with the death of his younger brother, Captain Kaymann, he has earned a renewed purpose in his conquests beyond that of just duty- vengeance. The Republic has murdered his brother, and he seeks revenge. He will go to any length to destroy the Republic… and especially the clones who killed his brother. He has their names, and he plans to enact the revenge that he so desperately desires upon them. His only source of knowing who killed his brother is from the Hanakan spy network, but that beast is for another time. For now, the Republic must bring down the Monk, and tear down his High Temple.

Rael Hanaka watches the Republic with bated anticipation. But he does not yet realize that this particular venator will become his undoing. Or will it?

Post Script
This post is an introduction into the first chapter of my new storyline- the Hanaka Saga. For those that are not aware, it is a revamp of my old Rael Hanaka storyline. That was back when I first became a GM, and so I decided that I would try and see how much I could improve with all of my gathered experience since then.

This time around I'm going to focus on a special character in each chapter. For Chapter One, we are focusing on Admiral Kaymann, and his navy. For other chapters we will be facing different branches of the Hanakan military, such as the army, spec ops, Jedi (or at least, their version of Jedi), and as I hinted at earlier in this post- intelligence. The final chapter will focus on Rael Hanaka as the character, and I hope that by then I've provided a well-developed and enjoyable experience. I plan for each chapter to take all of two events or so, and each chapter will end with the subduing of that chapters specific character.

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