Poppy Vantar-Pickins Mod Application

Alright. I never bother with this sort of thing, but I had an interesting experience with Poppy. My player name is Newton Corran.

This paragraph below is all a recounting off memory,

I was in Herbology, and the professor was Abcde Delaire. He spent a solid 2-3 minutes just yelling and insulting students without provocation, it was mostly just a longwinded rant/continuous negativity. In a way it was RP, but not in a manner that a professor would convey. Somewhere along the way, presumably, Poppy called for staff. During that time I had said, "Professor stop with the bullshit and just start teaching." So the professor started targeting me, just being petty, nothing ground shattering. Not too long after the teacher was pulled. (I wish I could recount which staff member it was. Because I recall them saying, "alright," into the microphone.) After about a minute and a half later, they were returned. Upon this, Abcde began asking to have me arrested. I said nothing upon their return. I was arrested promptly. Instantly, I got a PM from Poppy saying, "Sorry."

My initial thoughts were, I know she has a staff application open, I wouldn't want her as staff. I want a staff member bold enough to say, "No I'm not arresting them, you were just spoken to by staff, now teach the class." With that said, I'm quite aware of rule 4. So I responded with a simple, "no worries." Rather than report a bad arrest caused by a bad teacher, I just played on. (cool story I know.)

This is a volunteer position, the current applicant really wants to do everything thing they can to help the server, what is so hard about a trial? It'll show rather quickly if she can handle it. You are always bombarded with sits, and staff response time is generally slow, why are you creating such a high ceiling to be a staff member? Isn't that why it's called a trial? She clearly wants to help.

P.S. I'm curious with the reasoning behind, no promoting your application. Because in this current day and age, that's exactly how things are done. There's negative vote brigading on everything, as soon as someone that doesn't like the applicant see it, they tell their friends about it, why can't we allow the postive side of it as well? It's creating this negative atmosphere around applications. It's not hard to tell a geniune response from a superficial one.

TL;DR+1 Despite a negative experience, player clearly wants to help the server. And is actively fighting for it.

Please remain respectful

and actually place votes in a post.
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Honest, although some people don't like you, I know that you have good intentions. You're not afraid to speak up against what you believe is wrong, you call a lot of people out on their shit and you're a pretty cool person to hang out with. Overall, I think you'd be a great staff member despite the negative feedback you get from some people.

Massive -1, you are easily the most vindictive and contradicting person on the server. Your attitude is that of a 13 year old angry child. I literally know that people stay away from you on the game because your always causing a scene & always think your right when your 9/10 in the wrong. Honestly you being a moderator would put a lot of people off coming on.

Know the rules before you try to enforce them.

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Today I was trying to compile evidence to present to the staff members to prove that you would be an asset to the team due to your ability to report things and keep an eye on the community, but good lord I'm shocked how verbally abusive you are. 

You have been rude and at times very toxic.

You was having an issue with another person, but you refused to give me their name. A staff member needs to be able to communicate information and not bottle things up. 

Today I can see clearly that you are not ready. -1

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