Lila Falko-Xezemyth Mod App

+1 Recently used Lila in an event as Headmaster, had an emergency GH where I gave her a bit to say in loose terms, she handled it well, clearly able to speak out, after the RP bit was out of the way she treated GH as normal and had a clear understanding of the rules. I would definitely like to see you given a chance.

+1 very active, prefects a lot and has an overall good attitude.
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Neutral to -1

Have seen recent behaviors which concern me about how she would act on the server towards others when she gets upset. Being able to control your emotions is a big part of being a mod.
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Overall, we've only had one interaction together in which we argued the validity of a Lock Down advert bind I have (which I've since changed) but I'm not going to give a negative vote on your staff app about that.

What really concerns me from giving a +1 is the short responses for your understanding of the rules but this is something that's been bugging me with a lot of recent staff apps. While I can see that this makes the answers concise and precise, it doesn't really set your staff app apart from others, like Zahara's, Mac's, or Ragnar's app(s), to name a few examples.

My vote is subject to change based off of my experience with you in the future or if you are able to otherwise prove that you know the rules better than other applicants.
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