Neutral Safe Haven

(1) What is your In-game name & Steam ID? - Manfred Man STEAM_0:1:40429642 

(2) What is your suggestion? - Create a "neutral haven" around the blood pool in the dark forest as a hub area for allied neutrals and act as an area for them to sell their snatches

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition:? - Currently, the neutral forces have to go to the graveyard as a selling point for whoever they've snatched which really doesnt make a whole lot of sence because generally they are fully hostile to everyone including dark forces but because they have snatched someone they are all of a sudden allied with them and have to go to the graveyard. Once they sell their snatch or kill them they go right back to fighting the dark forces again. This change is to mainly give the neutral forces their own area to hang around and sell their snatches and deviate them away from being one off allies to the dark forces just because they snatched someone. The blood pool seems appropriate as the area is already clear, has a landmark and is the middle point of the forest from the entrance by hagrids hut and the graveyard

(4) What could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added? - Possible border incidants with dark forces as the dark forest is a battle area.
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We were discussing this on the server and I agree it makes it confusing for new players as well when they fight with Neutrals like the house Horcruxes but see them selling in the Graveyard, giving the Neutrals the Blood Pool and changing snatchers to spawn at the GY or somewhere else is totaly doable and I feel like can help ease some of the confusion.

Easy +1

They were never meant to be on the same side anyways, and it just doesn’t make sense, for example lol you get avada’d by a neutral in the QP and then see them selling someone in the graveyard 5mins later:D yikes
Also agreeing with what Manfred and Borf said.

Yes, please +1

Maybe move the Snatcher spawn if this gets implemented? So they don't spawn in the neutral area?
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I'll gladly build something at the blood pool next time I'm on and we can test this idea :)

I like this idea, and around the blood pool would be perfect to give some life to an area of the map that I feel like is not used often.

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I like this idea +1
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PlusJuan solid idea and gives more quality of life to that area
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For this to happen I think there would have to be some allied neutral jobs added that aren't custom donator jobs.
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1- i personally disagree i for one played darkforces for along time and for those who cannot go out past the lines it will be unfair it will make it so the snatchers have there spawn spot taken forcefully from them and other darkforces wont be able to go in the dark forrest and snatchers wont be able go though the forrest due to constant attack and bringing snatch's back due too attacks by neutrals forces 

I think the dark forces is punished enough theres clearly a bias agenda against us and in favour or lightforces and neutrals and this needs to stop how long is it going to be untill we darkforces are not allowed to go anywhere because some light or neutral has complained about us having too many places and the rest of our land is taken from us next they will be saying they want the darkforces not allowed to be at qp.
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