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(12-04-2018, 12:04 AM)Manfred Man Wrote: Currently, the neutral forces have to go to the graveyard as a selling point for whoever they've snatched which really doesnt make a whole lot of sence because generally they are fully hostile to everyone including dark forces but because they have snatched someone they are all of a sudden allied with them and have to go to the graveyard. 
+1 for this suggestion
The rules are currently really stupid.

Presently, Neutrals are allowed to waltz into Voldemort's Cabin/Graveyard and flagrantly disrespect The Dark LORD, acting in stark indifference to his stature as, and I quote the compendium:
A relentless murderer of muggles and anyone who opposes his views

Honestly, you might as well annotate that at this stage to say:
A relentless murderer of muggles and anyone who opposes his views
*Except neutrals, they can treat him like a lil' bish and he has to take it.

(12-04-2018, 12:56 PM)Lyla Shelby Wrote: They were never meant to be on the same side anyways

The neutrals do not have to obey Voldemort but are allowed to enter his domain and do whatever they want. Voldemort cannot murder them if they act in a manner that displeases him because the rules say so. Dark Forces, however, can be murdered if they displease him.

I'm sorry, but the leader of a major terrorist organization shouldn't really give a fuck about who displeases him. If he wants them dead: then he should be able to kill them. It's his graveyard. His supremacy should not go unrecognized.

 If a snatcher comes into the graveyard with someone Voldemort likes, Voldemort may confiscate that person because he is able to do so. If some edgy neutral class does: Voldemort is unable to do anything and is expected to stand indifferent when disrespected.

This doesn't sit well with me, and this is coming from someone who plays as light force all the time.
If Voldemort can't tell neutrals what to do, they have no place in HIS graveyard: especially when he wants them out.
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