Danreh , Danny , Myranda, Edgar Reports

(1) What is your name and SteamID? - STEAM_0:0:36167560 , Sir Floki Crown-Dragon

(2) What is their name? - Danreh Pickens, Danny Avada, Myranda Nova Aeternalis, Edgar Nova 

(3) What is their SteamID? - 

Danreh Pickens - STEAM_0:1:56515980
Danny Avada -  STEAM_0:1:45906952
Myranda Nova Aeternalis - STEAM_0:1:182282709
Edgar Nova - STEAM_0:1:37952926

(4) What did they do wrong? - 

Danreh Pickens  - Failure and refusal to enforce server rules ( class time, in the courtyard, letting many people but especially a prefect ( Larry Hooman ) to micspam instead of doing his job as a prefect ), wearing SS uniform on the server, breaking server rule himself ( failrp name  )

Danny Avada- Failure and refusal to enforce server rules ( class time, in the courtyard, letting many people but especially a prefect ( Larry Hooman ) to micspam instead of doing his job as a prefect ) , breaking server rules ( micspam, failrp name ) himself.

Myranda Nova Aeternalis - Admitting to breaking the server rules she agreed to enforce on a regular basis.

Edgar Nova - Refusal to enforce several rules. In his view, prefects who can only enforce server rp rules unless prefect law, can actually enforce server rule ( micspam , with no pts ) with staff on. Prefects  are not staff, they cannot punish for micspam as it is a server rule and not a roleplay one ( unless of course pts, which wasn't the case ).

(5) What Rank are they? (Find this here) - 

Danreh Pickens - Moderator
Danny Avada - Moderator
Myranda Nova Aeternalis - Moderator
Edgar Nova - Admin

(6) Evidence. (Must be provided: BAN MESSAGES ARE NOT EVIDENCE) -

Edgar Nova - 


Myranda Nova Aeternalis - 

[Image: i4q1Ed4.jpg]

Danreh Pickens and Danny Avada -

[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]

[Image: DBE60A6E1D933597E248BD7C56AE778185DA69BD]

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I have several things to say about this but first I'd like to know when did this happen , this morning ? @Floki of House Gaunt
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(12-05-2018, 12:03 PM)Jacob Williams Wrote: I have several things to say about this but first I'd like to know when did this happen , this morning ? @Floki of House Gaunt

Danreh and Danny happened on 30th of November, Edgar happened few  days ago, Myranda today.
                                      [Image: OiaewUf.gif]

                                       Former Admin of Hogwarts RP
                                            2017.01.11 - 2017.09.02

DANNY AVADA(the moderator)  oh yes of course every trouble start from him.I believe its time to demote this moderator.Its....its...so..so(i dont know)bad.This is not a hate/bad comment nononono he avoid a lot messages he dont do anything.He just sit and kick/bans peoples@Sir Floki Crown-Dragon  can you give us more info ???

Edgar: I don't think Edgar did anything wrong, if someone is disturbing or screaming in class then they should be sent to detention, PTS or no PTS. He did his job

Myranda: As far as I know, adverts aren't supposed to include egirl or anything, no disciplinary action is required in my opinion, you could have simply told Myranda that it would be more appropriate for her to not include eboy in her adverts and this would be resolved. Myranda should stop, but that's it IMO

Danny and Danreh: I don't think that is an SS uniform, it's a uniform which looks like an SS one, but also looks like most uniforms, I don't know that model but if it is an SS model it shouldn't be on the server but Danreh wasn't being anti-Semitic or RPing as a Nazi, he was RPing as a cop. The cop RP was based on Harry Potter lore, and was already addressed and shouldnt reoccur.
As for the dance parties, I fully agree with you, both are against the rules, neither one should have been allowed and both Danny and Danreh were in the wrong. They are both fully aware that they cannot do that and they should receive some disciplinary action IMO unless there is more to the story (like permission from a super)

Edgar no action needed
Myranda no action needed, simply needs to stop
Danny action needed
Danreh action needed but that seems like any uniform

Edit, Nuka, I disagree with your reasoning XD


I'm not really sure on what else I can say other than maybe these guys need a talking to but about the whole SS uniform thing...

Look, to be blunt, the picture you have of Danreh is pretty dark and it looks like it's just the Gringotts Guard player model reacting to the bad lighting I don't know but I might be wrong. Feels like a stretch considering we don't see an arm band or a helmet which could further prove that it is indeed an SS Uniform. Again, to me it just looks like the GG player model reacting to the darkness or some shit
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Edit: When Albert disagrees but you're on the same page as him

Edit 2: Ah, cheer on then, mate, my bad
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Ok let me start off by saying 1. Most of this was already dealt with, 2. I can’t watch video I’m at work so for danreh and Danny I can’t talk about that. 3. Reggie was right you do pick at every little thing

Edgar - I’ve always let and was told that if someone is mic spamming, clear cut micspam they can be arrested and reported that’s how most reports come in. If someone is disrupting a class with the mic spam and pts isn’t active you’d let it happen and have people’s token ruined instead of arresting then reporting ? Hell even tony would arrest . -1

Myranda - -1 really because of her opinion on a suggestion lol, Just because she said that, have you actually seen her do it ? Egrill slips by once a while ok that’s true but seriously this isn’t report worthy. She now knows not to use it.

Danreh and Danny as I said I can’t watch video but the names were talked about and they understand and really the uniform ? The US navy has some similar to it, Do you actually believe that was their intention ? -1 to that.

I can’t watch videos but yeah most of this could of been sorted out, will add in extra about danreh and Danny when I can.

edit - Just got home and saw the videos... yeah imma +1 that mic spam.. shouldn't be doing it and shouldn't be encouraging it
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Going to have to +1 against Danreh and Danny. They both know that behavior is unacceptable. If they were regular players they would have been kicked/banned/disciplined. 

Danreh is DEFINITELY recolored, though I am not sure if it is intentional to make it like a Nazi, it sure does look like one when you look at them side by side. :/

Edit to Borf: That's admirable of you Borf however what they did is different from what you mentioned. It seems like you were event-related with those things. This is just them doing it of their own accord, encouraging mic spam, and not disciplining people that are mic spamming/screaming/singing.
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-1 for Myranda, she should be aware of it now and there is no further action needed imo
-1 for Edgar, if someone is disturbing class by blasting through his mic of course you should remove that person asap to save everyone's eardrums. Preferably make an @ report after though.

+1 for Danny and Danreh sadly, they blatantly broke rules / let others break rules without punishment. As Mira said, any regular player would get punished for that, it had no context in RP and dance parties in the GY or middle CY are going a bit too far imo, especially if everyone is screaming into their damn mics, turning it into one huge minge fest. Parties can work when supervised and you don't let people go too far, but it should be within an RP context at least and should also be held by a GM or admin for some sort of event purpose . Regarding the Nazi uniform, it was definitely rematerialized with the advanced material tool, so some admin or GM had to have set him that way. I don't think they meant any ill intent however, at least I wouldn't have recognized it as  a Nazi uniform if Floki didn't point it out.
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Aight so I'm tossing in my 2 cents for this Danny/Danreh micspam+music stuff.
As of recently and in the past I've had Danreh or Danny usually play music for me during small stuff, ex: The musical sleigh ride, some weddings, and such. So in part I've probably made them a bit loose on that subject and can take partial blame for them allowing it. For the most part I try to make it isolated like that Graveyard one (which isn't one of mine but I have done it there before) where we're hanging out and dancing. No one came up to us and asked us to stop so we saw no issue there, I even put a DJ booth for fun. So I'm more than willing to take some heat on their looseness on micspam as I tend to enjoy people with good mics and good music dancing along with it or at times praising it with making DJ booths or stages for them to have fun on and continue it (usually outside the school, only time it hasn't been was the musical sleigh ride, which when through the school I just tried to avoid the active classes, which Floki actually has ridden on before.) So if they are to blame on that front I think in all fairness I should be too.

EDIT: The video in the Graveyard put me under the impression it wasn't one of the ones I had created because there was no booth or anything, but it is entirely possible I had just removed my stuff and left to work on other stuff and they were continuing from that.

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