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(12-05-2018, 06:06 PM)Danreh Wrote: Considering that...

1. I'm a moderator, I have no access to change items of clothing, at this time if i remember, a passive RP Trinket Seller event was going on with Jacob and those were the colors chosen, it wasn't meant to resemble any "nazi" regime or w.e it was just  sub materials, i thought it looked fine, putting the blame on anyone for colors and "claiming" its directly meaning something is ridiculous... Surely being an ex admin you would know that mods cant use material guns on themselves? And if Jacob remembers I asked him to be modeled first of all but I was happy with just being material'ed. It was just the Gringotts uniform turned black/white... Thats it.

2. The party in the graveyard, what your video does NOT show, was the stage / DJ booth set up for us before/after the video was shot... which Borf kindly gave us, and nobody at that time who was there had ANY issues with us doing it, people like Valkrath etc who was around at that time, if you had such a major issue with it, you could had reported it to the ADMIN who was online at the time.. who was Jacob... But you didn't.

3. The mic-spam in mid, I let them have their fun for a few minutes, Im trying not to be a harsh "dont do this dont do that" moderator... I don't see that as wrong or a bad thing HOWEVER we did stop it in the end with appropriate punishments, and if its the same night with 100+ users online, you reporting (as you wanted to highlight in your video) gets lost very very easy with local chat, other @ messages which you simply cannot show through a video.

4. The names were addressed already

5. Horcrux has an arrest baton doesn't it? IF one of your statements on your OP of people not going to class that is not a server rule, its a school rule which prefects like yourself on horcrux, should be enforcing,  If its such a big deal that you opened a report thread, why didnt you deal with people skipping class there and then?

The MOST I can and will hold my hands up for is not dealing with the mid cy mic spam sooner/on the ball... and that's it.

Going on what you said about the party in the graveyard, i was there also and was able to grab a screen shot of this taking place, we were all there and borf who set the party up.... heres the link

[Image: ylxya.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]

I don't understand why you guys are thinking that people should be telling you to follow server rules? You both signed up to NOT ONLY COMPLY TO, BUT ENFORCE THE RULES OF THE SERVER (taken directly from the Mod application). Honestly, you guys both sat and watched as mayhem surrounded you with mic spammers in the middle courtyard. It is not a regular player's job to fix that, ESPECIALLY when they see Staff members allowing it to happen. That, my friends, is neglecting mod duties. Don't put the blame on the regular players... "oh but no one told us to stop!", you should know better. It's even more disappointing to see you not own up to your behavior.
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Mic spam...  I am a Peeves main.  You are stealing my job.  Its my job to mic spam poorly sung karaoke.  Not the students. 

Y'all cant let other students mic spam. If they wanna mic spam send them to the room of requirement, or tell them to but VIP and play Peeves.   

I feel like that whole center courtyard party could have been broken up by a disgruntled warlock and a well placed cineres duo to act as riot control.
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Hi Floki! Thanks for making this report and bringing your concerns to my attention. I'd also like to thank the community for taking the time to provide your input. I promise it's very much valued and has factored into my decisions.
Going down the list:

Edgar - Report Denied
I'll keep it short and sweet, Edgar did nothing wrong. Prefects are allowed to arrest for micspam, though they should report it to staff immediately after. 

Myranda - Report Acknowledged?
Myranda should not have been doing that, but I don't see any ill intent here. I'll make sure to send her a message just to be certain she knows not to advert "e-grill" or "e-boy" anymore. People make mistakes, and it's difficult to remember every single nuance of every single rule. In the future if you have any concerns as small as this one, feel free to send it to me directly instead.

Danny - Report Accepted
I've spoken to Danny and explained that his behavior in both videos was unacceptable. He told me that he was in teamspeak with Borf during the graveyard video, and communication was a little lost, but that he did have permission from Borf to do so. I've let him know that he needs to wait for the gamemaker/admin to establish the passive RP in game again, even after a restart, from now on. The fail rp name has already been addressed with the whole team, not just him, and I've been assured it won't happen again. As for the mid courtyard - Danny told me he was only there for about 30 seconds. Should he have dealt with it? Absolutely. For him not to do so was hypocritical. He did leave then to go take other calls. I've informed him that if anything like any of this ever happens again, he'll be lucky if he only gets a suspension. It's so important for staff to not only consistently enforce the rules they uphold, but especially to follow them. That being said, this is, to my knowledge, his first offence. When I spoke to him he was very apologetic and he promised me that it wouldn't happen again. He now understands the gravity of his actions and told me that he did not mean to come across the way he did on this thread. As I said to him, I believe in second chances, but not third chances. 

Danreh - Report Accepted
Unfortunately, this is not the first time Danreh has either micspammed himself or encouraged it. This is at least the fourth time. I know he's had warnings from previous staff managers and he's been told that it cannot happen again. While he may not have micspammed this time, in my eyes considering he's a staff member, what he did do is just as bad. Danreh has been told multiple times that he cannot have micspam parties and to allow this one was a blatant abuse of his power. He has had multiple chances to change and has failed to do so. His attitude on this report does not portray that he is really sorry, and even if he was, sometimes sorry just isn't enough. Due to this incident and his history of similar incidents, Danreh has been removed from staff. 
Edited to add that I think the model being recolored was in no way intended to be racist or resemble a Nazi uniform. It just looks like a uniform in general.
Thread Locked. 
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