Grumpy gamemakers and where to find them

Hello there my darlings, I am making this thread to give you some information regarding gamemakers and their work. Keep in mind, this thread is not here to make anyone feel bad, or to scold anyone, but rather to explain some aspects of our work, so that you understand why we do certain things.

First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Celine Moongoose, I am a trial GM for Hogwarts RP. If you bump into me on the server, I will most likely be building something. And when you see me build, I often appear quite grumpy and therefore I really want you all to know that you should never take it personally. If I move you away from the area or “scold” you for messing around with props, remember that I do it to everyone. Everything I build on the server is for you – the players, and I might be grumpy at times, but it is because I need to focus, as want to do my very best when it comes to builds and events for you all to enjoy.

Builds and locations:

Our staff team has quite a few members with gamemaker abilities, not only GMs themselves but also admins and supers. We all have different styles, techniques, preferences when we build. Sometimes, even just by looking at a build you might be able to recognize a particular staff member, and, in my eyes, the variety of our work is a big plus. That way you will get to see different events and builds and as every player has a different taste and wishes when it comes to content, there will always be something that appeals for you.  

And as mentioned before with GMs tastes and preferences, the builds come in all themes, sizes and shapes, not to mention all the different locations. It all depends on what we are building and what we are building it for. Unless there is a specific location I need to build at, I personally would go to a particular area I like to use. It is the one next to QP, where the ground is relatively flat and clear. In addition, I often pick that location as it is quite far from everything but QP, meaning that as few players as possible might be bothered by me, considering how loud the sounds of toolgun can be.

Scary red signs:

Sometimes when we build, we put out red warning signs surrounding the building zone. The signs often have different messages, but the topic is the same: stay out of the zone until the signs are gone. Now that might seem harsh/rude/grumpy to some, but this is done for the greater good, and this is why:

In my case I write something like “Building zone. Do not enter without permission, please”. Considering all the GMs have different preferences when it comes to surroundings of their working area, some of us (me especially) require peace and quiet to focus. In addition, as well as to quiet we also need a space to work on without you guys running into props we spawn when we are moving/placing them. Certain props and objects require precision, and again, focus. Another thing is collision of the props, when I build certain things, especially bigger props like rocks I often remove the collision to “melt” props together or to bring them closer to each other. Those objects will of course gain the collision again, but sometimes we (well, mostly I) forget to collide them, and when you guys “hide” or get stuck in them, it does disturb our work as we either must pull you out with phys guns or teleport you. If it happens by accident is one thing, but when a group of people does it, we have to spend time on fixing it and the risk of accidentally targeting a prop and ruin entire build is quite large.  

The warning signs might also be there to prevent you guys from seeing too much of the build before the event starts, and this is done so that you guys wont spoil your fun and for you to not knowing all the details of the build/event before it starts.

I personally put up the signs when I need to focus, however I do always allow all staff in my building zone (for multiple reasons). In some cases, I will allow certain players to stay as well even when signs are up, sometimes because they are helping with event/build planning, sometimes because they won’t have an opportunity to be there when event is happening or when the building zone will be open for all.

However, don’t worry if the signs are up, as soon as I am done doing whatever it is I do, I remove them. Especially if the area I build is made as “a new area” for exploration, you will all be welcomed to visit it and spend time in it.

Lags are no fun:

* Keep in mind, lags are not always caused by builds, lags can occur when you first log in, or when the server is full or almost full, or during lockdowns as a lot of spells are being shot at the same time at the same location, or a combination of it all and so on *

Now this part does concern me a lot and I completely agree that I definitely am a GM that causes lags sometimes. My builds are mostly large and highly detailed, they contain a lot of props of all kinds of sizes and shapes and in some cases the lag will occur for some of you. Now when it comes to your feedback on lag, there are a lot of different opinions on it: some people experience frame drops, some don’t even notice anything at all. A very important thing for you guys to know is that no matter what kind of PC you have, whether it’s a simple laptop or a gaming machine, you should never get your gaming experience on the server ruined because of what kind of equipment you have. Therefore, your feedback on lag is always important to us and we will do what it takes to ease the lag for you. In return, we would highly appreciate that your feedback is expressed with respect and that you are patient while we are working on fixing it. Often all it takes is to remove certain elements to fix it, but sometimes we would have to remove it all. Now, with complete removal of a build, please allow it some time, as we often want to save our progress on a build before removing it and it takes quite some time in some cases.

Now with all the being said, I will once again remind you that everything GMs do on the server is for the players. We might be grumpy and strict sometimes, but it is all for you to have a great experience in the end. We all are different, and we don’t always like the same things, some events or builds might be more enjoyable for some more than it is for others. And unfortunately, in some cases, disciplinary measures have to be taken to make sure that the majority of you will enjoy your time when it comes to GMs work. Remember, patience, understanding and respect goes a long way. We're all here to have fun.

We love you all, don’t you forget that <3

I've said it before and i'll say it again, We all appreciate you Celine you do a wonderful job and we love what you do for us.

My names Borf and I approve this message.

if you get stuck in my prop, youre staying stuck in my prop
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(12-05-2018, 11:07 PM)Scentefy Wrote: If you get stuck in my prop, youre staying stuck in my prop

 What a bunch of fucking

If someone gets into your build area, you should OBVIOUSLY incorporate:
The Ginanean Solution
Propkill the person and say it was an 'accident'.
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(12-05-2018, 11:40 PM)GinaGovernatore Wrote:
(12-05-2018, 11:07 PM)Scentefy Wrote: If you get stuck in my prop, youre staying stuck in my prop

 What a bunch of fucking

If someone gets into your build area, you should OBVIOUSLY incorporate:
The Ginanean Solution
Propkill the person and say it was an 'accident'.

Didnt you get that idea from Morgan Bigeye?
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(12-06-2018, 12:16 AM)Manfred Man Wrote: Didnt you get that idea from Morgan Bigeye?

All bad idea's come from him! 
@Morgen Bigeye
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In fear of the wrath of Celine. I always ask before entering her zone.

I used to put up one large text screen which said:
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I like to drop those fat 1-hour bans for people who hurt my precious gamemakers.

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