[Hanaka Saga] The Shrouded Nephilim

The Hanaka Saga
The Shrouded Nephilim

The greatest of warriors, and most revered of myths, nephilims provide an image of glory and strength to all aspiring Hanakan warriors. Usually depicted in the forefront of battle, and covered in scars as if to archive their past victories, nephilims are the ideal warrior. But whereas they are widely accepted as mere mythological beings, there stands one in the galaxy who has been dubbed after them. The Shrouded Nephilim, Taskmaster Yoji, is the head of Hanakan intelligence.

Found by Rael Hanaka’s father, Yoji is responsible for forming and molding the Hanakan intelligence corps into what it is today. Truly an organization to rival even the most intricate and thorough of spy networks in the galaxy, Yoji’s intelligence uses a small, intimate network of agents to carry out most of the dirty work required. Most of the intelligence gathering is done through Durhma, the hive mind native to Hanaka Prime. With glossy, brown skin, the Durhma manage to have ears across virtually all of the galaxy, and their singular mind allows for quick and precise communication (they look like vortigaunts, and if you see them during an event be incredibly suspicious).

With one of his prized generals already subdued by the special Republic fleet, Rael Hanaka has taken notice of the clones' unique talents and efficiency. Although they appeared before him to be mostly just squabbling and disorganized, he was impressed by their ability in combat and sense of duty. He has decided to dub this specific Republic fleet the “Salsin Marauders,” named so because of their first appearance at Salsin and due to their often times savage and brutish behavior.

In a strange way though, Rael finds himself interested in these clones far more than he originally intended.

On the Hanakan capital world of Hanaka Prime...

Taskmaster Yoji sits at his desk, looking over the reports of his agents on a datapad. He chuckles as he reads an amusing report about how an agent was forced to meet a contact in a hole-in-the-wall "dance" club on the lower levels of Coruscant. Then a noise interrupts him, as the door to his office opens and his liege walks in.

"Taskmaster, I have an assignment for you." Rael Hanaka says, walking up to his desk and placing down a small datapad in front of him.

Yoji snatches up the datapad and begins scanning through its contents. "It's so important that you couldn't just holo me, eh?" He says with a chortle.

"Then you understand just how vital it is that you get this done," Rael states.

"Important or not, you should know that I will always have it done, my liege." Yoji leans forward in his chair and flips the datapad around for Rael to see it. He points to the picture of a familiar looking woman on the datapad. "You want me to take care of a senator like her?"


"I won't question you, sir. But I will say that I don't see the reason in this."

"You might as well have questioned me instead of saying that. She is absolutely vital to me, and I have certain business to conclude with her. She may be hiding behind the Republic, but I am confident you can fish her out- alive."

"Of course, my liege. It will be done."
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