Statue Krepsie's Farewell

Krespie we will all miss you dearly and we hope to see you back in the sbs community eventually. Im very glad that your standing up for what you think is right but please pop your head in sometimes and be that statue that gives me 1000 G everytime your on.
Good Luck in the futre
(shit spelling lol)
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I will miss you hun, like many others.... our chats and of course exchanging of galleons... you were a long time ''standing'' statue and did good, i was there that day you did your 24hrs and i will say, you will be totally irreplaceable..  another good guy gone :(
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Goddamnit Krepsie you still need to give me those 1000 galleon cheques ;( 

But seriously though, gonna miss you.
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Don't really remember 2018 that well, big sad ;-; 

One of my best friends on the server.Sad to see you take a leave from the server even though you just did 2 weeks ago.The only permanent statue too bad your going to move out.And im poor I need that 1k
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Good bye Krepsie i will miss u and i hope that u will return. You are the best statue around.
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