Staff App: Ritchie Lupin V2

(01-13-2019, 10:48 AM)Accalia Dark-d’Aquitaine Wrote: I have been watching you for a while and you did seem like a good applicant. You have prefected and taught classes, and seem like you know what you are doing. However what I saw today slightly changed my opinion. You were minging with a few of your friends. By what I saw, they arrested you for no apparent reason and then released you a few seconds later, just so that you could go back to them and get arrested again. In this case it was mostly the person's fault that they were fail arresting you, however you were clearly part of it and allowed, even encouraged, it to happen. It would have been fine if it happened just a few times, even I have done that with my buddies sometimes. However this didn't happen just once or twice, it was going on for fair half an hour before you were reported and warned by a moderator. This might just be one time thing, but it doesn't exactly look good on you.

My vote is neutral
Good luck
Yeah i Get there was joking around with friends and yeah it sometimes gets out of hand i should have stopped it before it did and maybe i should watch what i am doing I am Sorry that it was taken way too far
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Ritchie has always been nice, helpful and friendly he has made this game even more enjoyable to play

Hey Ritchie!
The reason for my +1 is because I think you would be a good staff member!
You know the rules well.
You help a lot of people and play as a prefect a lot too!
I have seen you teach and do great halls and you're doing that good.
Good luck with the application!
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