An Era of Peace

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A Satia Sanguis event

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After the destruction of the New Dark Forces headquarters by a spell that called down an asteroid from the skies, Hogwarts and the Wizarding community as a whole enjoyed a period of peace. Although the Dark Lord and most of the members of the New Dark Forces were either slaughtered or captured, the self-proclaimed heir and daughter of the Dark Lord along with her siblings managed to escape during the fight. It is rumored that the heir of the Dark Lord and what’s left of her father's Dark Forces, now her own, are planning something sinister. Will this era of peace be ended? Or will the heir suffer the same fate as her father?

All former members of the New Dark Forces are asked to attend, in memorial of the True Dark Lord and to finally gain revenge for his passing. 

Begins at 12th of January, 9pm CST / 13th of January, 11am UTC+8 

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This sounds like its gonna be AH-mazing. 
Can't waittt!
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Fudgeboi: /advert The Ministry is now recruiting Aurors! 5th years+ qualify!

Satia: All former members of the New Dark Forces are asked to gain revenge for The True Dark Lord's passing. 

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This seems really cool. Hope I can make this!!!!
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This sounds pretty neat.
A really creative idea actually.
I'll try my best to make it!

I don't remember calling you my heir when I died.......
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What exactly are former dark forces members?
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Guess I’ll re-install Gmod.

(01-11-2019, 04:21 AM)Shadow Wrote: What exactly are former dark forces members?

Not former Dark Force members, former New Dark Force members, followers of the one and only true dark lord @Jackie Sanguis .

Sadly this is the middle of the night for me so I don't think I'll be able to attend. However I do have a feeling someone may be resurrected...
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