Have year requirements for VIP prefects

The 5th year prefect requirement is there as a baseline and also as an unlockable progression. It makes sense in lore that prefects were chosen from higher years to help guide younger year students. Also I never denied that 5th year was there to help against abuse of the job. The main concern about prefecting is not enough people read the rules BEFORE going on a new job resulting in various mistakes.

Also, this suggestion assumes to much about people. We are assuming someone will get on the server with the intent to specifically minge. We shouldn't be going forward preventing gameplay to people just based on the people who make it terrible. If that was the case half of the things we have would be listed as fail rp. 

My point is playing on Hogwarts RP is supposed to be a rewarding experience, being able to roleplay a diligent prefect who helps younger years. Or perhaps a mischievous student who enjoys the thrill of being able to run away. Taking away from these options should never be our first case scenario.
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+1 even though it will probably get denied.

Even though people might buy VIP to be a Prefect (or a special one) being Prefect requires enforcing the RP rules and if they are Third Year or something they will not know the rules as well as someone who's Fifth Year that pretty much knows all of them. Make sense? because i think i explained my vote reason in a shitty way.
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