Floki Trickster-Solaris first Mod app


the reason im giving this a +1 is because he clearly knows his rules and hes always enforcing them. ive only seen you teach a numerous times but they were all great!

would like to see you prefect more though, other than that i feel he will be a great addition to the staff team.

Good luck!
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+1 From me your active you know the rules and very welcoming to new people Good Luck
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Floki is a very active player. he stays out of all the drama on the server and his app is outstanding. he live sin a great time zone becuase when there are no mods on he will be there to save the day from prefect law. He is a very friendly kind hearted person who deserves a shot on a staff position

Great Canidate as well
My Vote: +1
GL on your app floki
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From when I was on the server, you seem to do a lot of prefecting. You're a good boy, never gotten in trouble. You're EU which is sorely needed to get better staff coverage. I'd say you deserve a shot at trial moderator! Good luck!
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Neutral leaning towards +1

You're quite active and very friendly, however, I personally haven't noticed you to prefect or teach that much. I'd love to see you on those jobs more to prove that you can take on the task of moderating a server.

Good luck!
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You are really friendly and you report a lot in @ chat and you are active in a timezone we need staff in. +1 from me! Good luck~
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Ahhhhh Mr. Flokington 

You are a good guy to talk to and you RP extremely well, and you don't break the rules

Go on son!

You're very active, you know the rules and the last time I saw you host a Great Hall you did it brilliantly. I haven't seen to teach any classes or prefect, but I'm confident that you'll do that well too. A +1 from me!

PS: Don't listen to Konrad, the more Swedes, the merrier.

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