Incentives for Aurors

(1) What is your In-game name & Steam ID?

Alistair Whyte - STEAM_0:0:47832040

(1a) Have you read through the Common Suggestions and Answers post?


(2) What is your suggestion?

Just throwing out some ideas that could incentivize people to play Aurors again:

1) Making Aurors unsnatchable. I am aware that this is a very controversial suggestion, however Aurors are the most Elite Aurors, some kid in a hoodie shouldn't be able to overpower and snatch them. This would heavily encourage players to play as an Auror as you don't run the risk of being able to be snatched, without being able to counter it at all (unless metagaming) at any moment. This might be one of the biggest changes that could restore the former glory of Aurors. Possibly keep special characters, such as Kingsley, the Minister, etc snatchable.

2) Increasing pay for Aurors or implementing a way for Aurors to earn money: Currently the only feasible way to make galleons is playing a snatcher. If you are playing Auror you are effectively losing money if you buy snatches, with no way to make that money back. Hence why I think the pay of Aurors should be increased and possibly, to avoid farming, crack down on afk Aurors, like with Afk Prefects, kicking them off the slot if they are found afk.

3) Like with prefects, enable prestiged players to hop onto the regular Auror slots without a year requirement and auto-unlock Mostro for them.

4) Auror sub-classes. As for examples, Auror medics with access to Hilium Duo,  Auror Spies, potentially being able to disguise as Death Eaters and enter the graveyard in that disguise to attempt rescues or a longer lasting Salvio Hexia, etc.

5) Allowing Elite Aurors to close the gates. Essentially if a snatch is in progress and an Auror or Hogwarts Staff witness it, allow them to advert to lower one gate at a time, forcing the snatcher to take a detour. This however might be a bit unrealistic as you would have to implement a job check for the classes that can lower them or people would constantly be messing with them.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition

Currently the power balance is completely off. At times there are 10+ Snatchers in the school and absolutely no Aurors to try and defend the students, leading to situation if you actually attempt to stop a snatcher you get outnumbered by DF 5 to 1, all most of them having access to Avada. Aurors at the moment feel completely unrewarding, you are losing money through buying snatches, you are in constant danger of being snatched and the only spell you get is Apparition. You are basically a student that doesn't have to go to class, but can't pick up spells/homework. The Auror class is possibly the worst class on the server there is right now for those reasons. I feel like a change to the class itself or some sort of incentives is needed to balance LF and DF out again, especially with the rising popularity of snatcher god customs, Hogwarts Horcruxes, the extremely high amount of regular snatchers, etc. Playing LF at the moment is extremely frustrating as you are completely helpless most of the time and can't expect help from an ally unless a Hogwarts Horcrux decides to defend you instead of snatching you.

(4) What could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added?

People who main DF/Snatchers will not like this change as it will make snatching a lot harder if Aurors are around and potentially non-snatchable. However I feel snatching should be a hard task as you are trying to kidnap people in the most secure place in the wizarding world. Currently it is not that, but rather a bazar for snatchers, being able to snatch anyone without obstacles.
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I love all of these ideas. It will make more people want to play Auror and actually do stuff than sit around or never play it.
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I spoke to Michael about the imbalance a week ago, there is something big planned for light forces.
I’m not allowed to spoil it but there is something being implemented behind the scenes and there’s going to be an announcement about it sometime in the future.

Since something is already in developement I believe this can be locked.

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Since something is already planned, I'm not going to overlook these other suggestions. They can go hand in hand but I'm waiting to see after what we have planned if it's worth it to implement these. Only time will tell.

Forum admins, leave this open for now in case others have any ideas. I'll accept or deny this when the time is right.
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