White The Mystic Elvish Queen Targeting

Okay, it's gonna seem weird locking my own thread, I don't like doing it because it looks bad on me, but Albert is welcome to comment.

Due to the user being banned I must lock thread.

For those who do not understand why user was banned the reason was stated in a thread not long ago where I told them:
"Okay, gonna say it now, I see you try to pull that shit again, I'mma remove you.

This is twice in one day you pulled the same shit.

Again, if you don't understand, you're too naive. "

This was in regard to user imposing race into all things when it wasn't relevant or super imposing themselves.

As such, A valid warning was given and user has failed to listen to said warning.
Sick of being in my head and thinking about my fate
And worried about my health
Wanna waste away my days with a pretty young thing
And blow through all my wealth
I made some mistakes, not so good with planning
But I got some skills in easy living
Cut my ties with desperation
and learned to live with a little sensation

Just for the day we’ll pretend I’m made of money
I’ll be your sugar daddy
Let’s make a fool of ourselves and crash a party
Act like we own the place

The post was off topic, this isn't the only off topic post, the ban was warented and the removed content was warented. Odin simply did his job, Denied.

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