Journey To Bremeguard

Attention all Hogwarts students and Faculty. On Sunday February 10, 1992 Hogwarts will be taking a Journey to 
Bremeguard while Hogwarts is Purified from its Darkness Spell casted by The Necromancers.

The Event will take place at Bremeguard Tomorrow at 8pm CST. 
Event Bases: Voldemort has heard of this movement and thought it a excellent idea to abuse the school!.

But He cannot do this alone. He has his band of Death Eaters, Dragons and Powerful Dementors.

How will we fight through this..will we all die?
Voldemort cannot Win Not today.. Not Tomorrow  

Super will be Needed for Volde's signature spell
Might be needed 
for assistance in setting up temporary classes.

All the best See you guys!
Death does not come easy.. you have to work for it...

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dope. ill b there

can u add a countdown on the thread? '-' im lazy to search when its starts here
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Can’t come unfortunately. 2am for us UK peeps.
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Cant make it I will be at school in my time 
Have fun tho!

where is bremergard
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Woah the legendary land of Bremeguard, I am excited for this now ;)
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1hr and 30 mins


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And all the other!!
Death does not come easy.. you have to work for it...

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