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Hey guys.

A few of you have noticed my activity has gone down quite a lot. This is due to many reasons, the main ones being that I'm just so busy IRL with 3 jobs, college, and other stressors. 

Another being there's just been a lot of drama I got involved with and I just needed to get away from it. I think I've been doing a good job on it and trying to make up to people. Hopefully others feel the same. 

I've just been generally uninterested in getting on the server though. It's just not sparking the same fun that it used to for me. Most of the time when I have free time, I spend it playing other games/watching stuff with the Delaires while I do my homework, and there's just no time left for SBS in my day.

I'm mostly making this thread to answer some people's questions as to why I am not as active anymore. Or why I am 'being friendly' with people that I am supposed to have 'bad blood' with. The answer is simple, I'm too old and mature for that, and I just want to enjoy the game when I do have the time to hop on. Time is short and I want to be happy with the time that I do have.

Anyway, yeah, this is me saying I'm definitely taking a break from SBS and have been for awhile now. I'll definitely be back and playing every day when I get some more time to be able to do so. You'll see me more on the forums more than you will on the game in the mean time. :P 

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Well said in some parts Mira and we will always be here when you get back SBS wont leave and neither with your friends just come home when ya can 

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Cya, have fun with life i suppose.
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School and friends are always first. Everyone needs a break sometimes, have fun!! ^-^
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I did the same in December. It’s something we all need to do periodically. 
Wish you all the best, hope to see you return!
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Hope you come back to the server soon.
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I dunno how you can do all that, 3 jobs and college already would make my head explode. 

Enjoy the break and come back soon!
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3 jobs and college? How do you do it? I’d go nuts after that. Anyway, hope to see you back on the server soon and stay alive! :D
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Focus on things in real life as they are more important.Games do not have as much of an affect as real life problems.Take a break as long as you want
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Take care of yourself and congrats on the success! Cya for when you return!
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