[Please Read] Suggestions Announcement

As of now, any standing and all future server suggestions will most likely be overlooked due to current development and planning. Ever since the opening of the Clone Wars server, our owner has been extremely busy and is working hard to maintain the two servers. Due to this, I am refraining from accepting or changing too many things until our development plans slow down and give us breathing room. 

If you have a post up or are planning on posting something, keep in mind that your suggestion isn't being disregarded, but simply being delayed. I do not want to accept 100 suggestions and add more to Guy's work. I also do not want to change rules around since we have several updates planned to come out in the oncoming months.

I'll still read all the suggestions, but if your suggestion reaches 30 days, it will be locked as deemed by the forum rules. Feel free to post it again but keep the above in mind. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read through this,
-Hogwarts Management

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