Jack Inkarna-Ragnulf's Gamemaker Application #3

Jack Inkarna-Ragnulf's Gamemaker Application

       I would like to thank you for:

  • Reading my application.
  • For your support on my application.
  • Responding to my application.
  • For your honesty on my application.
  • For your respectful comments on my application.

Edit: Three more massive events have been added! Also, more little events have been added and parts of the application has been improved. 24/03/2019.

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(1.) What is your SteamID? - STEAM_0:1:153611348

(1a) What is your most recent ingame name? -Jack Inkarna-Ragnulf.

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be 7th to apply.) - Fourth Year, Prestige 2.

(2.) What Timezone do you live in? - GMT.
(2a) Please put what times you are most active in CST (Chicago US), so the managers know when they can expect to see you. - I will be most active in the GMT Times. UK Times, I will be on around CST times but it really does depends. So in UK Times, I will be active at 3pm until 10 until 10:30pm. On week ends, it will probably be about 9-10am until 10pm, but I do go out with mates as well and I do football as well on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday but my activity will still be excellent, I will make sure of it. In this time zone, there aren't really many staff online or they are not staff online and also they are not Gamemakers on to enterain the GMT players so that's another reason why I am applying.
(3.) How old are you? - I am 15.
(4.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? - I joined around early November, 2018, and when I first joined the server, I thought it was amazing, the way it was, the map is great, the addons was great and the staff team was great and most importantly, the whole community was great when I first joined and all of them are still great today!
 (4a) How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal (with your time) to Star by Star? - You can be 110% sure. I will be very active and I will be loyal to Star by Star Gaming, you won't see nothing but activity and happiness from me, even on my bad days.
(4b) Do you understand you can be let go at ANY time for inactivity? - Yes I understand, it is my responsibility to be active, not the managers.
(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the Server when necessary? - Yes I understand to comply and also enforce the rules of the server when necessary, I will be ready for anything if I do become a Gamemaker.

 (5a) When listing the rules please explain what they mean to show that you understand them.

List Rules below:

Rule 1: No FailRP.

Follow the rules of the server. FailRP is not allowed, this is when you don't roleplay as your job properly. Example: Lord Voldemort can not go in the school and students can not go in the GY. Prefects can not act immaturely or interrupt whilst there in a class, they need to show a good impression to the students.

Rule 2: Be Respectful.

Being respectful to everyone on the server, if someone is being disrespectful to you tell a staff member or an RP Leader. Example of being respectful: Hello there, how has your day been? Example of being disrespectful: Shut up, your not wanted, go else-where.

Rule 3: No RDM.

Random death match means killing another player without any kind of RP reason. Example: Killing them because there was in your "way". That isn't allowed and is RDM. Also, RDM is when you kill someone out of the blue because you was "bored", that isn't allowed because it is RDM.

Rule 4: Follow instructions of staff and RP Leaders at all times!

Follow the instructions of Staff and your RP Leaders. For example: Professors must follow the orders of Dumbledore as he is their RP Leader and is the Headmaster. Also, the dark forces must follow the orders from Lord Voldemort etc.

Rule 5: Do not Free-spell.

Do not use spells without an RP reason, fun spells such as avis can be classed as not free-spelling. For example: A student using verdimillious on another student to kill them, that is free-spelling and on some occasions attempted RDM.

Rule 6: No metagaming.

Meta-gaming is when your for example say, everyone get away from that snatcher, you are NOT meant to know it's a snatcher unless they reveal there selves with a unforgivable spell or their cuffs.

Rule 7: Do not mic spam/chat spam/any other kind of spam.

Spamming can result in a kick or a ban, it is not allowed, for example: /ooc Hi. /ooc Hi. /ooc Hello /ooc Hello, this is classed as spam if it is in the time of 5 seconds.

Rule 8: Advert is for RP reasons only, nothing else, if you advert something that isn't RP, it must be said in ooc or /pm.

Advert is there to show RP and nothing else: Example: Selling Jack Whiteland for 10k. Slytherin Prefect. This is okay but you can't do: "/advert Hello".

Rule 9: No ERP.

Erotic roleplay in any form is forbidden on the server. For example: Doing /me has s*x with Elisha. This is ERP, roleplay that isn't roleplay can be classed as ERP too and saying offensiver words.

Rule 10: Never EVER avoid the AFK System, this can result in your kick.

Staying AFK to get XP, this is exploiting and isn't allowed. For example: Staying still in the Syltherin Dorm and not moving and constantly pressing: W, A, S, D so you won't be kicked for being afk or just having a command that makes you never go AFK and a command that makes you never get kicked.
 (5b) Expain what the term "minge" means, when referring to a player on the server -
Minge: Is when a new player goes on the server to just break the rules. It means when someone has no intention to roleplay and just wants to FailRP, RDM etc etc. Of course, minges will be told to stop but there won't stop as they want to "minge".

 (6.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) -
I am a very sporty person and my favourite sport is football, I play for a team and I do training on Wednesdays and Saturdays and do football games on Sundays, I have up-coming exams which I'm nervous about but I'll get through it. I want to be a Gamemaker on SBS because I want to make player's happy and their entertainment good, I'd be very active and would do events and do them to the best of my ability to make sure players enjoy the events and I'd do events quite regularly/often with other Gamemakers. Of course I would make sure it makes the quota.
 (7.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? -
Nothing really, I don't really cause problems for players/staff on the server, I just roleplay as a DAR, Warlock, Prefect and teacher mainly as these jobs are fun to play as. But I need to be a RP Leader's job and I will be a RP Leader's job more.

 (8.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? -
Me being Gamemaker would benefit the server because I would be very active doing good events and allowing players/staff to enjoy themselves, of course along with over game makers/event makers. Also I am a good builder, I've mainly been on DarkRP Servers building for over 2000 hours but I'm not too good with wiremod but my building is good and I'll try best to make sure every player likes the events I make. I am also nice to new players, help them out and if they wanted to go the event I was making I'd bring them to me straight away as I like to be helpful too. I am very honest as well.
 (9.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) -
I am not staff on any other servers, when I apply for Staff, I make sure I am not staff on any other servers.

 (10.) Have you ever been banned on any Garrys Mod/SBS servers? If yes, then please list when, how long, and the reason. -
I have not been banned on any servers on Garry's Mod and I dont intend to get banned from any servers on Garry's Mod. I have been banned once from a SBS Server for 2 days for making a mistake but the Mod had to do their job and ban me but mistakes happen. I went into the Graveyard by mistake, I crossed the line but I got banned for it but I did understand but that is over and done with now. She was fair banning me for only that amount of time but I will make sure to not get banned ever again, that was one mistake.

 (11.) Are the Server Staff or the players more important? Why? -
There both are important as each other because they both play the server, players are the ones who makes a community and staff are the people who keep an eye on the players within the community.

 (12.) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, Communication, etc) -

Patience: 9/10 - I am very patient, If a troll came to me and kept disrespecting me, breaking the rules in front of me, I'd call a prefect/or admin and wait for them, if he/she kept disrespecting me and breaking the rules in front of me, I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't respond, I'd just call a prefect or admin on them. If I was a prefect whilst there was disrespecting me/breaking the rules, I'd of course arrest that troll. If I was a Gamemaker at the time when there was no staff online, I would solve it myself.

Communication 9/10 - On the server most players speak English, near-enough 99% and I speak English so I'll be fine with communication on the server, I can understand everyone prefectly even with their American ascents, I'm saying this because I have a British accent!

Honesty 8/10 - I like to be very honest to everyone, I don't lie, If I make mistakes, I tell them. If I wasn't honest, I'd get no-where and I'm not that kind of person, I like to tell the truth and be honest even if I am i in the wrong because mistakes do happen!

Creativity 7-8/10 - I like to be very creative when building/making things, when I build, I make the building as creative as possible and as good as I can. I enjoy building reason why I like to my buildings/makings creative because without being creative, it would be boring!

Building 6-8/10 - I like to build on Garry's Mod and I think I am good at it and I think my buildings can be very good. I make sure my builds have no problems and I try to make them as good and perfect as possible!
 (13.) How familiar on a scale of 1 to 10 are you with Garrys Mod Sandbox tools? - I would say I am 6/10 as wiremod isn't one of my strengths but I can use it. I can use pretty much every tool quite well, I have used most tools on Garry's Mod, if not, I have probably used all the tools on Garry's Mod, I have used tools like Stacker, Precision, Weld and Advanced Duplicator 2 etc.

(14.) Give us a couple of detailed examples of an event you would use and how you would proceed with them -

Here are my event examples:

Magic Battle Royale: This will be based on a bunch of wizards/witches versing each other in a building that is full of magic swords and other useful, needed magic equipment such as healings. The last one standing will be the winner and will be announced winner on /advert and csay. This will happen in Hogwarts and it won't be pleasant at all but it will be fun! These bunch of wizards/witches will be in teams of two in order to accomplish and make this event good. One team will start off at the QP and one team will start of in the court yard. Team 1 (Court yard) will be called the Court Yarders and Team 2 (QP) will be called "The Pitchers". 
  • Depending on the amount participating, the teams will be split into equal teams, for example, if 40 participated, there would be 20 on one team and 20 on the other.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The Battle Royale will have three rounds without any problems caused.
  • The winning team will be praised by me.
  • The players who participated will be praised by me.
[Image: hp.dh2.01.lg.jpg]

The chosen one: There'll be alot of students in the quidditch pitch, and they have to verse the dark forces whilst Voldemort is in the GY chilling, the last student standing would be "The Chosen One" and it'd be Voldemort's mission to kill him/her. If he fails, light forces, students, and professors will be proven to be stronger than Voldemort and his army. If this does happen a massive war will happen at hogwarts and life will never be the same again at Hogwarts, if voldemort wins the hogwarts war it means he has proven to be the stronger side but if he fails another mission/war, he'll become weaker and will feel like he is in more danger but Voldemort's army must announce "The Chosen One" via /advert "The Chosen One is here waiting for you my Lord!". Voldemort will then come with his evil, terrifying, intimidating black apparation to the pitch to kill the Chosen One. It won't seem as easy as Voldemort thinks it is. The Chosen One will either decide to fight back or escape. (The player who is the chosen one will decide whether to fight back or to escape). Voldemort will have 200 health and the Chosen One will have 200 health as well, the Chosen One better be prepared and ready for Voldemort because it won't be pleasant! Voldemort can ONLY use either Mostro, Verdimillious or Crucio, the Chosen One can only use Verdimillious or Mostro.
  • The students will be put at a point to know when they start.
  • The dark forces will be at the GY waiting until the event starts.
  • Light forces will participate when a student gets killed, they will be hiding in the forst somewhere.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • Everyone who participated will get praise from me and a reward.
  • The event will bring fun and enthuiasm.
  • The event will be fully organised.
  • The rules for the event will be discussed by me.
[Image: 858acda3dd164cb5ca9385494a5090b960d8a460_hq.gif]

Wizardry/Witchery ball: There'll be witches at one side in the quidditch pitch and there'll be wizards at the other side in the quidditch pitch and there'll be a ball in the middle and it's a bit like football, the wizards/witches versing each other will have 350 health as the ball will damage them and if a wizard/witch is killed, there'll be out and will have to spectate the event (if they want)/rp again. If a wizard/witch scores for their team, there'll gain one point for there team, so if a witch scores for example, one point will be awarded to the "witchery team". This will be fun because it will be a good new fun experience for the players.
  • There will be two teams, witchery team and the wizardry team.
  • The winning team will not get an award, they will get praise from me.
  • The event will go as planned, even if the server does restart/crashes.
  • No problems will occur during the event.
[Image: 07578abcc4cf6ab.jpg]

Championship Day: There will be this place. full of hideous, dark noises, it is a place that you wouldn't imagine a place to be, it is full of death eating mudbloods and giants. There will be a competition on this day, wizards and witches will have to duel each other and the last team to win will be announced as the last one's remaining but that isn't it, the team that won will have to go further in order to win the championship, all of the wizards and witches in the team will have to verse each other and it won't be pleasant because they have all managed to grant each others friendship and trust but this chaos will take all that way, the one who wins the battle in the last remaining round will be announced as the most brave, brainy champion.
  • Champion will get a reward.
  • There will be 2 rounds to make it intense.
  • The others participating will be rewarded with a "Thank you for participating in the event, I hope you enjoyed it!"
  • The event will not be unorganised, it will be organised and everything will go as planned.
[Image: Sales_1024x1024.jpg?v=1551165206]

Capture the Flag: There will be light forces and dark forces trying to capture the flag at the quidditch pitch. In order to do this, the light forces and dark forces must gather into the middle of the pitch and when the bell goes off, that means they all can start. The will be flags on top of each tower at the Quidditch Pitch and the team with the most flags will be declared as the winner!
  • Dark Forces and Light Forces can use Avada, Verdmillious, Firestorm or a Sword.
  • The event will be fully organised and no problems will occur.
  • Flags will be able to be picked up/chucked down from the towers.
  • The flags will be easy to carry
  • The event will go as planned.
[Image: b0d84a12d0389c66bfefe90051875a71]

Evil That Cannot Be Explained: There will be four inparticular houses in the GY but the doors will be open? Should I enter or should I leave unharmed and safe? Entering the houses could result in such a disaster, but entering them could result in happiness. Leaving the houses could make me feel honoured and full of pride. Leaving the houses, could result in my death, which one will you chose? Will you enter the houses or not enter the houses? This is such a hard decision to make but it must be made so you know what happens next, what will happen next? Make sure to choose wisely...

  • This event will go as planned.
  • It will be organised and will not go wrong.
  • The players who particpate will be praised by me.
  • There will living things in each house but what kind of living thing? You will see...
  • The houses will be built realisticly, it will be built like a proper wizard/witch house, I will make sure it meets your standards!
  • Only one player, can choose the decision for them all. The decision could be a good or bad decision.
  • It will make players have fun.
[Image: evil_graphic.jpg]

Magic Market Day: This event will be based on a big market with several gringotts/statue guards inside, the whole aim is to get the 2 shining objects in the market but there in separate rooms and thse seperate rooms are guarded 24/7 and the only way to get in there is by killing the guards. This market will be a big market with magical stuff inside and the two objects will be two shiny trophies on a mystical shelf. There is no other way to get it unless the guards are killed. The First trophie in a hidden room is named "The Ancient Trophie". The hidden room won't have any name as it will make it easy, you must find the room yourself and the trophie in the other hidden room is called the "Enchanted Trophie". But once your in, you can't get out? The only way out is through one door and you will have to find the door yourself, The Ancient Trophie is worth 10k, The Enchanted Trophie is also worth 10k but the Enchanted Trophie also gives you a model change of your choice depending on what models they are. This event will create excitement and enthuasism for the players in my opinion because it will want to make them kill the guards and find the trophies without themselves being killed because if there killed they'll have to come all the way back to the place where the event is happening and by then, some other players might have killed the guards and found the trophies.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • More ideas will probably be added to this event.
  • The winner of this event will be praised by me and given a free model change until they leave.
  • The event will bring fun and enthuiasm for the players.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
[Image: 11435153.jpg]

Hogwarts Chaos: Outside of the castle, near the QP there will be professors, students and the head master all ready to compete in a competition to win something big. This will include magic parkour, there will be magic steps and the first one to the top will be announced winner, trust me it won't be as easy as it seems, it will be hard but it will be very fun and competitive at the same time. There will be books, sticks, magic floor boards and brooms to climb on in order to get to the top, at the top they will be 50k galleons, out of my pocket and at the top, there is a house, that is fully magical and it will make your eyes glow, make sure to be prepared to win them high ammount of Galleons! Ready, set, go!
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The event will be fun for players and staff.
  • The event will be built to the best of my ability.
  • The event won't be easy as 50k galleons is a lot of galleons.
  • Players/Staff must sign up at the court yard in order to participate in the event.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • The winner of this event will be praised by me and will get 50k galleons.
[Image: 18-Explore-Hogwarts.jpg]

The Secret Villain In The Wizarding/Witchery World: In the QP, there will be one villain, and the rest will be the usual wizards/witches. In order to do this event, you must sign up at the court yard, the first one to sign up for Villain will be the villain. The object of this is for the wizards/witches to find out what the villain has done in past events but they don't know he is a villain until the end. All of the wizards/witches will have to find information around the QP about what the villain has done but they must find the villain first. Innocents can be killed if they are suspected to be the villain, they will be votes for each wizard/witches to see if there the villain or not, a bit like House Of Salem. The signs will have deaths of famous wizards/witches and the wizards/witches must figure out who is being very suspcious or quiet in order to find the villain, if the villain if found, he must admit it and show his true colours and try cause even more chaos but if he hasn't been found, he has been let free as a Wizard/Witch Criminal. If there is a last two, it will be on a dead line so therefore Dumbledore and an Auror must come to investigate and choose who is the villain, the wizard/witch who is chosen could be an innocent wizard/witch but they could be the criminal? Who knows eh... soon to be found out.
  • The players who sign up must come to the reception and pm me what they want to be, but if the villain is chosen, they will have to be a normal wizard/witch.
  • The villain will be kept as a secret and no one will find out until the end of the event.
  • The event will go as planned and will allow players and staff to have a lot of fun.
  • The event will hype players up.
  • There will be no problems in this event.
  • The winner of this event will be awarded 20k galleons out of their pocket and will be praised by me.
[Image: dreams.metroeve_faceless-dreams-meaning.jpg]

The Northern Ship: Near the Ocean/Lake in the Dark Forest, there will be this ship, with a load of obstacles inside it. Gryffindor and Slytherin must work with each other in order to accomplish what the obstacles are and Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff must do the same but there are teams. Gryffindor and Slytherin are one team, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are also one team. Hagrid has organised for this to happen to see which houses work the best together but it has been a tough decision to sort out the teams. The most obstacles you find, the more points you get for your team. Strangely though, Mad Eye is the one leading this with Hagrid. Once all the obstacles have been collected, Mad Eye and Hagrid will announce which team is the winner but that isn't it, more is to be done yet. After finding all the obstacles in the ship, the teams must now make there way to this small-weird-looking boat next to the ship that is near enough sinking. In this boat will be a weird-looking skull, Hagrid gets the skull and tells the teams to go to his house/hut. The team who has got the most obstacles are the winner but if a team figures out why the skull is there, they will get 50 points and will win the event. Hagrid, of course, already knows why the skull is there and so does Mad Eye but they want the teams to figure out why it was there in the first place & how it got there. Both of the teams, will try and figure out why the skull is there. They will have a maximum of 5 minutes to do this. Once the time is over, Hagrid will tell the teams to go to him and tell him their ideas/statements, the team's statements/ideas closest to Hagrid's statements/ideas will be announced as the winner of the event. Rules will be explained in this event in thorough detail, but that isn't it... they see this red, weird book on the side, and it said, how to become an Animagus but it wasn't any type of book, it was a book that would turn your mind crazy, Mad Eye went to this book and read this and all of a sudden, he went all crazy and big headed, no one knows why, Hagrid goes to Mad Eye to try and resolve the problem but it wasn't just working. The teams of students started to get scared, for some odd reason so they decided to run back the castle and then all of a sudden, Hagrid isn't there and all the students see behind them is Mad Eye chasing them, each student in each team must return to their dorm safely and try to avoid getting caught/even killed by Mad Eye. Once all the students of each team has returned back to their dorms, they must try and figure out, how to fix Mad Eye and the way he is acting but this will be a hard task to take. The students, the teams go to Hagrid's and ask him for his help and Hagrid's decides to help. In the Dark Forest, the spooky, sinister, insidious Dark Forest, they see Mad Eye around the blood pool saying a load of weird stuff "Cast me into this", "Allow me to be all mighty and powerful!", the students distract him and Mad Eye pays his attention to the students and Hagrid, he starts trying to kill them again, this time he has found a sword and all the students must do is try to Stupefy him and talk to him. If they manage to get him back to him normal self, things will go back to normal but if they don't, they will have to keep talking to him to make the player who is Mad Eye convined to be the normal Mad Eye again. We always knew, it was weird for Mad Eye to just show up in this event, this event will be fun. Let's see what happens...
  • Event will go as planned.
  • The rules will be explained thorougly by me.
  • This event will be one of the biggest events on the list.
  • Teams will have equal players in them.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • The winning team will get 50k galleons each.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
[Image: latest?cb=20171118203432]

Hogwarts Has Got Talent: In Hogwarts, there will be this massive stage with loads of beautiful decorations with magnificient wizards and witches on stage, this will be a show off to see which wizard/witch is the best at speeches. There will be seats around for the wizards and witches to sit down on but two wizards or witches will be called out by me to go on stage and I tell them an objective to do, so for example, if a wizard said a speech about Lord Voldemort being back, he must make that speech sound serious and persuasive in order to make the ones sat down to believe him, but the one against him, the other wizard/witch must make a speech about Lord Voldemort not being back. The audience will vote and will pick who is the winner of the speech(s). The winner will be asked to sit back down but in a different seating area. The one who didn't win the speech can go back to RP'ing or he/she can sit down and be the audience. (EVERYONE WILL GET A GO TO SAY THERE SPEECH, BUT THE SUBJECT WILL BE DECIDED BY ME, SO IF I ASKED THEM TO MAKE A SPEECH ON VOLDEMORT BEING BACK OR NOT FOR EXAMPLE, THEY MUST BASE THERE SPEECH ON HIM), the ones who won the speeches will still continue to say speeches on different subjects decided by me, the last two who has been voted to stay in will still go against, the one with the best speech will be decided by the audience. The winner of this event will be the winner of "Hogwarts Has Got Talent" and will be given 60,000 galleons for making the best speeches and for winning the event. (Important note: The Decorations will look nice, the event will be very fun, and intense). The winner of this event, the winning wizard/witch will go into the brand stages of them all but everything goes terribly, wrong, the winning wizard/witch gets lost and for some reason ends up in the Dark Forest and they end up seeing a Death Eater, this death eater will of course be a part of this event. The winning Wizard/Witch of the speeches will now have to make a good plan to escape from the forest/death eater but will he/she escape? Mentioned previously, he/she has won 60,000 galleons for winning the speeches but for some reason he/she hasn't got the galleons yet, so the only way of getting them galleons is by escaping the forest, when trying to escape, he/she sees a giant in-front of him/her. So, there plan must now be better, if they escape they will get 60,000 galleons, if they don't escape they will get 15,000 galleons. They must get to the building where they made there speeches. So this event is based on how good players are on making speeches but the winner doesn't have an easy job, they must escape aswell so the winner of the speeches (Hogwarts Has Got Talent) must have good skills in making speeches and escape plans.
  • Event will go as planned.
  • The event will be very fun because it will all be explained in more thorough detail when I make it.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • The event will be organised.
  • They can only be two players on the stage, to compete against each other, everyone will get a chance to have a go though.
  • The Hogwarts Has Got Talent building will be built appropriately and big enough for the amount of players participating.
  • The winner will get 60k galleons if they win the speeches and escape from the Death Eater and Giant in the Dark Forest. (The Escape will be based on how good the winner is at defending themselves and how good they are at using spells.
  • The winner of the speeches will still get galleons either way, so if they win the speeches but don't escape from the death eater and giant in the dark forest, they will still get 15k galleons.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
[Image: HdiLP3Im.jpg]

The Retired Professor: Previously in Hogwarts, Snape has retired and no one knows why he has retired. Due to his, students try to find out why he has retired and find out ideas on why he has retired. They see Snape at the QP and they go there and speak to him and he says to them, look around the QP and you will see notes with reasons why I have retired, it is bad I know and he thought this day would never come. The notes will have information about his past life, his current life and his future. Each house hold will be split into four, so for example Ravenclaw will be put on one tower, Slytherin will be put on one tower, Gryffindor will be put on one tower and Hufflepuff will be put on one tower. When I do /advert Go Find Them Notes", that's when they can go and find them, when they find the notes, they must ask me to go to them and delete the sign/note and then go on to find others. Once all the notes have been found, each household must go back to their assigned designated tower. I will call them all out when it is ready to go back on the ground, when they do, each house hold must and I MEAN MUST, say what they have figured out and Snape will be in the middle of each household with students around him. Snape will decide which house hold has the best facts/information of him and why he resigned. Snape will tell each household a story about why he resigned but each household must find the other reasons/stories on why he resigned to get the full information/details on why he resigned.
  • Snape will only be occupied by someone who knows a lot about Snape - based on Harry Potter/Hogwarts.
  • Event will go as planned.
  • The event will be organised.
  • The winning household will be praised by me and given a free model change until they leave and 5k galleons each.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • This event will be intense and will make it competitive for each household.
  • The event will be explained in more detail when I am doing it in front of the players participating.
  • The rules of the event will be explained by me in-game.
  • Players and Staff will have a lot of fun (hopefully).
[Image: SnapeSeverus-e1475690174936.jpg]

Congress: Congresses generally refer to formal meetings between politicians or government representatives. Recently, the Minister has come up with this new name, named as "Congress", certain wizards/witches have been chosen to be a part of the Congress Team. Recently students at Hogwarts have been misbehaving and showing a bad example to the Wizard/Witch world (reason why the Congresses have come to over-see the students and school). There will be an little hut in the court yard in order to particpate in this event. You can either apply to be a student or an congress (your choice which one you are). There can only be four congresses. There will be this building near the Qudditch Pitch and School, it will be named "Congresses Zone", this is where the Congresses stay to decide what happens with students and Hogwarts etc. There will have to be one Dumbledore, Dumbledore will be me, I will tell the one's who are particpating to follow me and I will say we're going to the "Congresses Zone" for a important chat. Once the one's particpating arrive at the Congresses Zone, the one's who are the Congresses will ask them some questions on why they are misbehaving in the school and outside of the school. The Congresses will give them a mission to do. They have to make up their own speeches and funny speeches to make the congresses laugh and feel happy and persuaded to get off their case. But the Congresses won't be gone that easily, it will take a lot more in order to persuade them to leave Hogwarts alone and the students alone. The students will be given five minutes to make up a persuasive, funny and convincing speech in one. The best student with the best speech will be chosen by the Congresses. The Congresses will then ask the student with the best speech to go to them and tell all the one's participating why the Congresses should leave Hogwarts and The Students alone (the one's participating). Once all the speeches have been said and the one with the best speech has been chosen, the students must then walk around the school with the Congresses, the students will be in the lessons with the Congresses watching them, if a student misbehaves, a member of the Congress team will bring that student out-of-that class and speak to them about their awful actions in that class. The Student(s) with the worst attitude in the class will be chosen by the Congresses and they must go to the Congresses Zone and the Congresses will decide what happens to that student. (they could be arrested, Not allowed back in classes for two periods or a spell cast on them, this spell won't kill them by the way). After the class task, they will be a QP Task and the student(s) who are the worst at flying the brooms will be chosen by a member of the Congresses Team. (the one who is the worst at flying the broom will be arrested or spoken to severely by one of the Congresses, in a RP manner). Last task: Roaming through the Dark Forest. Yes, it's a hard decision to make as it is very dangerous in the dark forest. The last one to survive in the forest will be the winner of the event and the class their in will be announced and seen as the most well behaved and brave house class, but if none survive, the Congresses will still be on Hogwarts and the Students back in the future :o. If the one who survived in the forest was a slytherin, slytherin would get +5 points for their team and would be announced as the best house class in the Hogwarts School, and the last students would be rewarded 50k galleons. Of course the others who participated would be thanked by me for participating.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • There can only be four congresses.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • The full information on the event will be explained by me in-game.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The rules will be explained by me in-game.
  • The event will be fully organised.
  • The event will create excitement and will be intense.
[Image: nintchdbpict000343337212-640x427.jpg]

Cavetastic: There will be a cave, but it isn't just a cave, it is an unordinary familiar looking cave. They will be tiny little objects in the cave (the cave will be quite big by the way so it won't be as easy as you think it is). The one's who are participating must try and find as many objects as possible. In the cave, they will be these little crawly disgusting creatures, they will be at the start of the cave, so the one's participating must kill them in order to enter the cave and find out the secrets and to find the objects. There will be 10 objects altogether. Each object tells you a secret, and you must figure out why the secret is in that object. The one's who have found an object/more than one more object must make there way down to this hut, near Hagrids and they must stay there and figure out the secrets, the one's who didn't find the objects may go to the hut and help them figure it out or they can go back to RP again. The secrets will be made up by me but I'm not going to put it on here as it will give it away. Once all the secrets are figured out, they must make there way back to the cave and an Elite Auror will go to the cave to investigate it further (wondering why it is an Elite Auror? It is a Elite Auror as there are Elite and they are more powerful than a normal Auror). The Auror will bring the one's who found the objects to the RS and will speak to them on why they have gone to the cave to find some objects with some secrets, some secrets are full of light magic but some secrets are full of dark magic. The Elite Auror has been requested by the Minister to go speak to the students on why they have gone to find out some secrets that could have resulted in their death < that is the reason why the Minister has requested the Elite Auror to go speak to them. After that, I will announce in !csay for the one's who found the objects to go the cave again, that is where I will tell them object they have (it's either a object that is full of light magic or dark magic), the one's with the light magic will be the one's who will unfortunately will not be the winner, but of course, they will be praised by me for participating, the one's with the dark magic objects will still be in the event, there will be some signs around the dark forest and the task for the one's remaining is for them to go in the dark forest and to read the clues around the dark forest and they must come back once they have read them all. The one who has found out the biggest dark magic secret will be announced as the winner of the event. This event will be explained fully by me on the server.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The event will be explained by me in thorough detail on the server.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The event rules will be explained by me.
  • The event will be fully organised.
  • The event will be interesting and will create excitement.
[Image: Son-Doong-Cave-on-Good-Morning-America-ABC-News-1.jpg]

There will be rules in each event and the rules on each event I do weekly will be explained by me. Also, events will be announced when they happen in either /advert or csay.

Little Events:

Catch the Dragon:

This will happen in the QP and no where else, one person will be chosen to be the dragon, of course they have to sign up at the court yard to be it and others have to sign up to be in the event, anyone who signs up will be in the event straight away. The players participating in the event will have to try and stupefy the dragon, there will be two rounds but they will be a lot more to this little event in order to make it more fun.
  • This event will be go as planned.
  • There will be no problems within this event.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The winner(s) of both rounds will be praised by me.
Magic Camping:

There will be 6 houses maximum, there will be small houses, this will be like a mini game of House of Salem but more added to it and similar things. Witches will compete against the wizards, and there will be on Judge, the judge will decide what happens, the aim of the game is for the witches to get the wizards killed but the aim of the wizards game is to also get the witches killed, there will be signs on each house with information on it, of murders/betrayals etc. The last team standing with the most players wins. The Judge will be the main part of this little event as they decide who gets murdered, this will happen until one wizard/witch is standing. (House Of Salem, Judge Game and Last One Standing in one, how cool is that right?!)
  • The event will go as planned.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • Everything will be organised.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The winning team will be praised by me.
Magic Show Off (Determines which one is the best wizard/witch):

There will be a stage, it will be built in the air to make it more wizard/witch like! This will be a magic fight and the one who beats all the wizards/witches in the clashes/show off will announced as the winner and will be awarded 10k galleons, out of my pocket and maybe a model change.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • Everything will be organised.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • This event will create excitement.
  • The winner will be rewarded 10k galleons maybe and praised by me.
Last one standing:

This will be a sword fight in a small building/room. There will be a seating area for wizards/witches to wait and I will announce who is the first ones to have a fight with swords, the winner will stay in the competition until they got knocked out of the competiton. The last one standing will be rewarded with 5k galleons and a coloured-model change until they leave.

  • The event will go as planned.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • Everything will be organised.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The winner will get 5k galleons, a coloured-model change and will be praised by me.
  • The event will create a lot of excitement as this will not just be a Sword Fight, there will be a lot more added to this little event. (Yeah I know, exciting right?!)
Mini-Battle Royale:

We all know you love Fortnite right? Yes we do know, but this will under the name "Hogwarts Mini Magic Battle-Royale", in the QP with a wall around the whole pitch, there will be two teams, one called "Sea Wolves" and one called "Sea Lions", you will be given swords in this event but if you wish, you can use stupefy. This event will create a lot of excitement to the players in my opinion.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The event will be organised.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The winning team will be praised by me.
The Best Spell Caster:

This little event will be based on the best aim of a wizard/witch, there will be a board, a bit like a darts board but it will be made like a magic-darts-board. Green-Sparkly Colour = 100 points. Amber-Neutral Colour = 50 points. Redish-Brown Colour = 25 points. There will be five rounds, and the players participating can only use stupefy or verdmillious as there near enoug the same width and size. The player with the most points will be announced as winner, I will spread out the magic-darts-board to not make it easy and to make it fun, intense and competitive, of course the rules will be explained when I make the event and when the players are in front of me.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The event will be organised.
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The winner of the "Best Spell Caster Event" will be praised by me and maybe given an award.

This is an halloween based event. There will be this hut for the participators of the event to party in but once I say to everyone who is participating in the event "Go Outside" they must go outside. This is a competition, the one's participating will be in groups of four and must show how good they are at team work, the aim of this is for each group to try and dress up smart, show-off, and most importantly they must try and make sure to entertain the judge of the event with their enthusiasm and words. The judge will decide which group is the winning team. So bnsically, each group must try and do the best perfomance to please and make the judge want to pick them as the winning group.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The event will be organised.
  • The rules will be discussed by me.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The winner of this event will be praised by me and given 20k gallleons and a model/size change.

Students and Professors will be involved in this event (everyone can participate just like they can on others). Students and Professors will prove who is the proper adult around here but they can only do that by saying comments and making sure them comments they say sound mature and good. There will be three groups. 1st Group: Students. 2nd Group: Adults. 3rd Group: The Jury. The Jury decides whether the students or the professors have the best mature comments and decides who acts more like an adult. The Students and Professors will continue to argue, there will be 5 days in this event so basically, they will be two houses, the students stay in one house and discuss how to win this competition and the adults stay in the other house and discusses the same related thing. I will do /advert Day 1, /advert Day 2, /advert Day 3 etc until I say Day 5. Day 5 will be the day the Jury decides whether the students or adults are the proper "adults". This will be fun in my opinion, this will be discussed further by me when I make the event in-game.
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The event will be organised.
  • The rules will be discussed by me and the event will be discussed further by me in-game.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The winner of this event will get a reward. (Maybe 40k galleons and another thing, but that is to be decided)
Orienteering: This event is based on team work. (To be in the event you must apply at the court yard or say in /advert I am participating in the event. Students are lost in the middle of no where (Dark Forest) and they are trapped in this box/maze thing, they must figure a way to get out safely, there will be NPC's in the box, like Death Eaters (Zombies) and they must escape without being killed, and must get to Hogwarts safely. This event will be very interesting as it will be different and more things will be added to it once I make and do the event. (That's if I do get accepted, of course).
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The event will be organised.
  • The rules will be discussed by me and the information of the event will be discussed by me.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The winner of this event will get 15k galleons.
However I wouldn't only do events I would do nice builds and make decorations.

I would decorate the court yard with various, beautiful buildings and objects, the decorations will make the court yard look nicer and it would be a better place to be if the court yard was decorated and I would probably make like a Hanging Out Area with various, interesting magic objects and decorations around it and inside it, it wouldn't be plain, it would feel like your at home!

Everything I do will not be bad, I will make sure everything I do and make pleases you and makes you want to stay on the server even longer. I will make sure everyone has a fair advantage and I will make sure everyone has fun as it will be my job to if I do become a Gamemaker.

Little Note: I can honestly prove to you that I am suitable to be a Gamemaker, I will show you what I can do, I will make events and make buildings to the best of my ability, I wouldn't let the Staff Team or the Players down, I never give up, I keep going until I have succeeded.

(15.) Do you have any experience using ULX or building on Garry's Mod? - Yes I do have experience, I have alot of experience as I have over 2000 hours on Garry's Mod and in that time I've mainly used ULX to staff and yes I can build, I got made Event Manager on one server for doing excellent events and making amazing builds.
 (16.) You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation? - Yes I understand, I got told this on the DarkRP Servers I was staff on and doing this is my decision and I'm doing this because I want to be a gamemaker and make the experience good for the players and I want to make sure the players have fun.

 (17.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If they were accepted, please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) -

https://starbystargaming.com/showthread.php?tid=2900 - I got denied because I didn't meet the required year, I am applying now because I now meet the required year/prestige and I got told I could re-apply once I meet the required year/prestige and I now meet the required year/prestige.

https://starbystargaming.com/showthread.php?tid=3150 - I requested the thread to be locked as I took some advice from a staff member.

If you have got any questions to ask, feel free to ask me them in a new post below and I will be happy to answer them. If you think I need any improvements on my application, feel free to tell me.

Thank you for reading my application,

Jack Graves-Ragnulf


Your events aren't bad and your application seems like you put effort into it. But, it could be just timezone differences, I haven't really seen you on the server at all.
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Jack is a Friendly player who knows the rules.
He perfects a lot and plays as an RP leader sometimes.
His events could be better but overall +1

Most of your events are pretty much "mini-games", which shows lack of creativity/effort that you want to put on as a gm, plus I havent really seen you at all. 

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False Claim: You do not see me due to different time zones probably. I am in the GMT and in total different times. So it isn't my fault, thank you for your reply. Also, I've seen you so I don't know how you've not seen me. A lot of players see me online so I can't really be classed as "Not active" if that is what you're trying to infer but thank you for your feedback because it will allow me to improve my application and the events.

PS. I'm allowed to reply to false claims as it states in the reasons for the application to be locked.

Here's a screenshot to let you know:


- Jack Whiteland-Graves
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Your events are not bad but their pretty generic with little to no context when it comes to your bigger events. Do you any events up your sleeve that includes more rp instead of PVP and fighting? 

Would be nice to see if your able to build up a lore specific to your events as it would definitely show whether you have the potential to be a good gamemaker or not. Goodluck!

Applicants shows his dedication to the community as well as his passion to be a Gamemaker, events might need a few tweak but from what I've seen so far I believe that the applicant's events should be able to entertain the server.
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The Reponse To Your Question

     I would like to thank you for:

  • Replying to my application.
  • Reading my application.
  • Putting a nice comment and allowing me to answer a question that could improve my application.
  • Being respectful on my application and not putting disrespectful replies.

Yes I do have events up my sleeve that includes RP.

I will give an example of one right now just to answer your question.

I just want to become a Hogwarts Gamemaker and show people what I can do because I know I can do it and I am up to do anything! :)

Thank you for your response, below will be the answer to your question.

RP Based Event:

Name of the RP Based Event:

An Innocent Prisoner Of Azkaban: This would be an event based on Azkaban and Dumbledore finds out that a innocent witch was sent there no reason so his mission is to try and get the innocent witch out of there, this includes no PVP, it is a mission to do. Before Dumbledore does anything, he will have to speak to some Aurors and get some advice on what to do, all this will be explained when I do the event (that's if I do get accepted as a Gamemaker). Dumbledore's army will help him, get her out of Azkaban, the Azkaban Tower will be built by me but I will make sure there aren't too many props and I will make sure no lag occurs. In the tower/castle there will be hidden signs, small ones which is hard to see, Dumbledore and his army has 30 minutes to try and get these letters and to try let her out. All letters must be collected and then handed to an Auror and the Auror will past the letters onto the Minister of Magic and once that has been done, Dumbledore will be able to get the witch out, trust me, this mission won't be easy, it will make it competitive for all players and will create fun.

[Image: azkaban_by_facegrater-d8jpaop.jpg]
  • The event will go as planned.
  • The rules within the event will be discussed by me
  • No problems will occur in this event.
  • If Dumbledore and his army complete the mission and do it well, they will be praised by me.
  • Players and Staff will have fun (hopefully).
  • The RP will be good and will create excitement.

I hope this answer has pleased you and I hope this proves to you that I am capable of being a Gamemaker. Again, thank you for your response and the time you have put in just to read my application.

Thank you for your support. If you think anything needs improving, feel free to leave a reply below and I will improve what needs improving and I will take your advice if you give any.

- Jack Whiteland-Graves
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Application does not show enough thought to impress me.
The events are just terribly common.

'Capture the flag', 'a tournament/championship', 'choose the right door'.

I (and others), particularly now I imagine,
 want to see events that are made with a great deal of thought: created imaginatively, 
with creative interpretation of the HP-LORE. 
Sure, not all events have to be heavily rooted in the LORE but they have to be interesting.
Capture the flag and having people mindlessly fight one another for money is not interesting, nor terribly creative.

Events you submit will be acclaimed if they show flair, originality and sophistication.

You get to suggest numerous event ideas. 
I recommend you have passive event ideas too. PassiveRP or Passive events do not have to be... well, competitions or have a clear structure. You get to play around with abstract ideas and basically let players do most of the work for you, whilst you merely act as a facilitator and overseer as opposed to major events with briefings/big set-ups requiring your full attention. 
Spoiler: What are passive events?

This is necessary to make sure your application(s), and the events you present are clearly made to fulfill a variety of purposes: that is, everyone should be able to find things that catches their interest.
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I played with jack when a human back in December and I think that he would be a good game maker.
This is one of the best apps I've seen for a while.
You can trust him because I have played with him for a long time now and he's been admin on quite a few servers with me and he is well experienced.
when I first joined he helped me around and was really kind.

+1 very good person very good app
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