The DADA Tournament

The Defense Against the Dark Arts Tournament

[Image: Transfiguration_Courtyard.jpg]

The DADA Teacher Severus Snape will be having a tournament to test the wits and skills of each and every wizard to see who can handle themselves when the time comes to defend themselves against the dark forces.


Signups will begin an hour before the event starts, wizards of all over the world are encouraged top participate as this is the tournament you don't want to miss. The signups will be free this one time and all you need to do is give me your name and time. Depending on the number of contestants, rounds could start off with a 1v1v1v1 narrowing itself down to eventually 1v1s.

The location of this tournament will be taking place in the mid courtyard, on lookers will have a special spectating area as well as windows to view the excitement.

The rules are simple, you will take everything you have learnt in your classes, on the field, and whatever powers you obtained and be pushed to the max. The one wizard who manages to demonstrate superior skills in wand player versus player combat with aiming and maneuverability will be granted an award of VIP!!
If you are already VIP you will receive 30$ USD Paypal from non other than @The Guy himself!

This event is set to occur Thursday Night at 8pm CST
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Congrats to the Winner

James Seawell!

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[Image: RyteLionheart.png]
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