Santos' Gamemaker Application

(03-14-2019, 09:42 PM)Pizza Time Wrote: -1 from what I've seen so far Santos seems to be a slight bit mingey. All I can say is when it's time to be serious do it. Heart Heart Heart

Edit: This helps explain the antsyness

I won't lie. I take responsibility and this is true. But as I explained in the application, if nothing happening on the server is interesting, I tend to get a little mingy if things get boring. However that is the main reason I am applying. I want to keep myself busy and doing what I like while others have fun.
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+1 While sometimes it can seem that Santos is a bit mingy, you must remember that this is a "Semi-Serious" Server. This isn't Hogwarts or Clonewars and we are desperately in need of GMs who can host well constructed events that don't seem rushed or uncreative. Santos is a pretty creative guy and I think he could really add what we need for events.
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Santos mingyness and others can come from directly with what zubey had said he wanted to the server to be "a dark rp type server" 

Not much happens at all during the time the server is most active other than tryouts and such.

I've seen santos gm on clone wars and im ready to see him gm on halo rp. 
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+1 Santos is a good builder and when he was a gm previously he did good events. Give him a shot
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