Gina Governatore - GM App VII

I haven't been on recently but ever since I joined this server I have seen Gina's amazing and unique events so why not accept him again as GM? He is a great roleplayer and every event he's done has been very interesting and fun for everyone. 


"Solid +1" - Moses

Gina is the best Gamemaker applicant... No, scratch that. Gina is the best Gamemaker. If you guys as staff fail to see that, it is your loss. Gina has proven time and time again his high skills in creativity and ULX and Building on Garry's Mod. Gina has proven her loyalty and dedication on the server, being on the most talented Gamemakers the server has ever had, creating the best events, being active every day and not to mention the 7-8 ignored applications created, along with basically creating the ministry aspect on the server. The only clear reason why I can see that this amazing Gamemaker hasn't been accepted yet is due to some sort of grudge. Gina deserves a second chance.

THE COMMUNITY wants Gina back as a Gamemaker.
We want Gina's amazing events again. 

Anyway's you will see this comment again in a month. 
Best of luck to Gina.
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Umm why has this not been approved already, I've seen her work she's efficient and refined currently, also very interactive with new comers and on top of that she has the hours to back-up her title as a GM! it's a yes from me +1

Gina, I remember when I was fresh on the server, maybe only on for a couple of months and I was always looking forward to your events. I remember when I was an auror and we bombed the graveyard, I remember you messing around as Minister and just overall bringing joy to the players who played all the time and were starting to get bored of just snatching and fighting at the pitch. Your events were and truly are like no others, they simply are just on other levels and I never thought I would miss something on this server so much. HUGE +1 I and many others, hope to have you back really soon.
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+1 I'd love to see you in this role. I can't overstate enough the amount of amazing events Gina could bring to this server if given the opportunity. You're very active during EU hours, during times when the server, otherwise is very stagnate. I'd love to have more game-makers active to liven the server up. I think you'd be a perfect fit.
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