Allia Sisca-Inkarna's Moderator Application

Hi Allia! 

I'm happy you're applying as staff! I think you're a great person with a good sense of humor and I find it confusing that you're not a part of the staff team yet. 
I do like you a lot, you always make me happy with your accent (which btw is the loveliest accent in my opinion) 
and you're one of few people I'm super happy to see online when I get online myself.

Now that I've said that I'm going to go from total fangirling to the serious stuff.
I've seen you lots and loads on the server, you're an active player who in my opinion always do your job. I've never seen you in drama, 
you get along with everyone and I don't know how you do it - but you're both calm, energetic and funny at the same time. 
I've never seen you breaking any rules or never even seen you on DOS (probably because I barely ever see you play as a student). 
I do however agree with Odin and Thea (especially rule 10), but I assume that you got that by now. 

Eventhough I do think you are very well fitted as staff already, I would love to see you host the great hall and do prefect meetings.

~ HUGE +1

Lots of love and GL on your app <3
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