Report on Lila Lefay Aeternalis

Agree with others, yeah it's a bit fucked up but it's completely outside of SBS and like Edgar already said, unless it's targetted harassment/leaking info, it shouldn't really matter. Plus I doubt Lila had any bad intentions with the joke since a lot of the people in that discord don't mind that kind of humor.

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If this was a public discord, I would 100% +1 because I know the struggle and controversy that floats around "blackface".
But in the event that this was someones private discord, I am gonna have to stick to a -1.
It should not have been sent, but because it was done between friends.. I do not think it is punishable. 
I feel Lila should have a talking to about the things she decides to post and who it will bother or effect. 
We need to learn to respect other people's feelings before we take action. 
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Holy Christ on a Ritz cracker wearing a pair of socks and sandals on a hot Sunday morning, Batman, this is by far a huge ass stretch.

Don't advocate for not using evidence from private Discords against people for stuff like C-Bans and denying the chance for Trial Mod and then use that same logic for a Staff Report in the hopes of getting a Staff member punished. How am I supposed to take this seriously when you're being a hypocrite? It's unfair when it happens to others but when you try to use it for something petty it's fine? What?

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LMAO that is hilarious. -1 for ban
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The behavior is egregious and certainly I don't endorse it but this is not SBS related nor was it on a SBS platform, as others have stated. This is beyond silly. Not just petty. Certainly you have to be careful on what you should or shouldn't do on social media let alone discord. Hopefully Lila pays heed to that next time.
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If this was on sbs official discord, then +1 unacceptable as a staff member.

If, it was on a personal non sbs official related discord then -1. 
What happens on personal discords( not sbs official ) has no ground when it comes to staffing. Unless, its continuous harassment or staff leaking. She has a life outside of staffing. She isnt breaking any rules doing this in a personal discord.
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Sorry but this is an invalid report. 

I don't know how a Staff Member can get in trouble for saying something like that in their own Discord. If they however said it on a SBS Platform, that's a whole different story and the report would immediately be valid since they violating the rules. But what can be done? How can a Manager punish their own Staff Member for what they say in their own discord which doesn't "effect" anybody within the community.

And I say that in quotations because some people have been community banned from what they have said in non-related SBS Platforms which is a WHOLE completely different scenario and situation. 

Satia stated that if there any concerns that are still in thought regarding this report, you may message her and she will speak to you about it. 

Other then that,

Invalid Report

Thread Locked.
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