Jack Inkarna-Ragnulf's Moderator Application

Hey jack, I'm going to give my honest opinion with this app.

It's going to have to be a neutral as of now.

Reasons :
Me and you have the same time zones yet i rarely see you online. I don't think i'v actually noticed you help students etc as a prefect more than twice.
I only recall you teaching once in my presence.

I do feel like you are restricting yourself with a couple things:

Lack of confidence.
Getting yourself out there and more involved with things happening around hogwarts.

Yet i could be wrong and other people have seen you more than i have.

Positives : 
I agree with valk when he says "you're a bright lad".
Very easy to approach and ask questions too.

With a bit of work i think my vote would change to a +1

Note : This is just my opinion and you can take it any way.
Gl jack.

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Hi San. Thank you for your response.

I am active, and a lot do see me but I don't seem to be on when you're on as that seems to the problem and thank you for your honest opinion.

I will improve on those things and I do prefect quite a lot to be honest and I do help players when they need help, I am on around different times to you so that's probably the reason why we don't see each other on the server that much but thank you for your comment anyways. Also, I am sometimes on the server when they are no Staff online.

Also, people who are wondering why I came from Gamemaker to Moderator, I came from Gamemaker to Moderator as some of the community and the Staff recommended me to and I think I would do a better job as a Moderator.

Again, thank you for your opinion and response and I will improve on the things you think I should improve on.
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+1 I did state reasons in you previous app but in general, I think you are a very respectful and mature player, you don't get in trouble and I've seen you always be level-headed when faced with unpleasant situations which, I think, is something a good staff member really needs when facing troublemakers and people being overly critical (in gamemakers' cases). I see you online basically every time I am on, you do prefect a lot and play the orange roles. I know you care about the server and community a lot and you are a very friendly and sweet person. Overall, I would really like to see what you can do with gm powers.
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huge +1 from my side

Your always active on the server 
you know the Rules Xtremely well
Frienldy person
Your RolePlaying is fantastic
Always there is someone needs help


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